Add number of monster into challenge presentation

This is a screenshot of a battle presentation in which some monstere are presented but not their number, levels and waves. It would be nice to know these information AFTER a battle has been completed, when we want to replay it.

It makes sense that the first time we face a battle we could face something new and unknown but later we won the battle, there is no reason to not show that information: {number monster, levels of monsters, number of waves}

The number of monsters for most levels actually varies on replay. There’s a range for the number and type of monsters possible for each wave of each stage, which are then selected randomly during each run.

The boss stage is always fixed, however, as are the number of waves.

Certain specific levels also have fixed numbers of monsters per stage, particularly the special levels with advanced monsters that have mana and special skills.

So the number of waves could presumably be shown (although I’m not sure how useful that information would be), but indicating the number of monsters in total or by type would be problematic.

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Thank you @zephyr1 for the answer.

However, the number of monster for that level / battle (previous screenshot) is always the same: 11. I know very well because I use that level / battle to fullfil this challenge and retrieve the chest’s treasure (screenshot here below).

As you can see, 8 times = 88 monsters.


Yes, as I mentioned:

However, few levels meet that criteria.

Those with wings seems met the criteria of having a fix numbers of monsters.

After all, if it is not fixed and it could not be known in advance by the system as well (random number of monsters for each waves) the number of waves would be a sensible information to display AFTER the first time the level is played.

It is not very important information. The trade between the numbers of monster and the flags required to complete a challenge is pretty straightforward even without explicit information.

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