Add New REGULAR 3* 4* and 5* heroes

I am unaware of such a project (it should be listed in The Shortlist for one), but anything is possible… :wink:

You mean more heros that players will complain about getting and not more heros that players will max out their credit cards to get?

Can’t say for sure

But i highly doubt it. Cash heros has been the trend since end of 2017

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It’s been suggested as an idea at least:

Let’s hope for season 2 as “new” trainable heroes someday.


That’s been a popular idea too:


HOTMs are another frequent suggestion for Training Camps:

Except adding them to the tc20 pool will do more harm than good

Right now tc20 has better odds at 4* and 5* than summons

Add more heros to the pool and f2p can kiss those odds goodbye

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Not necessarily. They can make the odds that you pull from any given pool static, while changing the underlying pool. To illustrate,

75% chance of 3* from (current set of 3* heroes)
20% chance of 4* from (current set of 4* heroes)
5% chance of 5* from (current set of 5* heroes)

is no different in terms of pulls by star level than:

75% chance of 3* from (current AND NEW set of 3* heroes)
20% chance of 4* from (current AND NEW set of 4* heroes)
5% chance of 5* from (current AND NEW set of 5* heroes)

The only thing that changes is the chance that a pull will be a specific hero that you want.

You dont think 5% chance to get a hotm is a bit high?

My bad, I figured you were alluding to adding potential new standard heroes and S2 heroes to the pool for TC20.

I doubt they will ever add past HOTM to TC20 or any training camp for that matter. They make too much money off of players pulling for them in Atlantis.

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Well even 5% for atlantis heros is pretty high

If devs would go for it, great

I really dont know what the right answer is.

I’m p2p so i dont rely on free heros

I’m not a dev so i dont make money off cash heros

Just some guy in the middle tryin to come up with an idea that both meet in the middle on

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Suggestion about this idea.

Create a new training camp say level 21 which uses say 150/200 recruits plus the extra food or even food & iron which has the current 4 & 5* plus the new heros once the are say 3 months old into the game.

This tc21 would only be accessible to above 40 level players.

By this point these players would already have a good set of decent heros and using this tc21 would only be a bonus attempt at increasing to better/newer heros.
Drop rate could be a little lower but at least the chance option is there and makes way of offering these to f2p players.

Just a thought.

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One option is to break out that 5% chance for a 5*, into for example 4% change for a classic/regular 5*, and 1% for a HotM or whatever non-classic/non-regular 5* hero were to be added.

Figuring out some sort of arrangement that leaves the overall 3*/4*/5* chances intact, while still keeping the chance at a non-regular hero relatively smaller, should not be too hard to implement.

I do also very much favor the idea of adding to the TC20 repertoire… there are now so many more HotM/event/seasonal heroes than there are regular ones, and if nothing changes this ratio is getting more and more lopsided as time goes on. And personally I don’t mind spending some real money every now and then for some pulls, but while C2P or sometimes even F2P players get lucky at the summons, the odds for pulling a good 4* but especially 5* non-regular hero are simply very low for that to be anything but a rare occurrence for those categories of players. Which is fine, as long as there’s a decent base of those regular heroes… but on a relative basis that pool is shrinking and shrinking.

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Would love to resurrect this one…The number of 4 star heroes now is nowhere close probably less than half that is available in the summons. I would also like to see some new blood added to the 3 star heroes for tournaments. I know there is an occasional new not 5 star hero introduced but they are few and far between. There is too much focus on 5 stars. Can we add some more heroes so that we upgrade the playing dynamics?

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i think the current ones needs a rework on their special skills for balancing with news heroes. if that is made, no new heroes actually need to be created. except for a healer actually… vivica is the only one and that’s kinda of a bullcrap. same for a good tank. so yeah

While we are distracted by all the new content and heroes, there is an ever increasing gap in the make up of 3/4/5* heroes.

Simply put, we need more 3 & 4* heroes. We shouldn’t have 5 5* to 1-3 3 or 4* in every portal or new event. Sure they may not be as sexy or sell like an OP 5*, but they are needed. Even if it is to simply pass down skills that exist only in 5*?

Like, how is there not a 3* yellow healer? Or why is there a blue 3* elemental debuffer and a green 4* elemental debuffer more widely available but that’s it (excluding event summons)?

When we are talking QOL improvements, as a C2P, this has to be top of the list for me.

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