Add New REGULAR 3* 4* and 5* heroes

I think we have already bored to see 3,4 and 5* regular old heroes than can be obtained from regular summon and nothing new comes up for more than 1-2 years.

SG please update NEW regular heroes that can also be drawn from TC 20. From 3 to 5 star. We want to see fresh character.

What do you guys think about this?

We have many new 5* 4* and 3*, HOTMs, S2, Haloween, Christmas but yes, I think we need more of them in TC (or maybe absolutely new heroes only can get from TC? When Im thinking about that I really like it)


Why give em out for free when you can sell them :thinking:

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On the Wiki’s category page you can see a list of how many heroes are currently in the game at each star level:

So… perhaps it’s actually your expectations that need a little adjustment. Might I suggest that it is 1* and 2* heroes that each need a little bit of love? That and one more pass, adding a new 3* of each color. 4’s and 5’s are fine.

Would you believe that there’s a strong shortage of healers in this game? Almost every team needs one, but there really aren’t many of them…

Those 19 tanks and healers are spread across 2*, 3*, 4*, and 5*'s, including all Hero of the Month and Event Heroes. I’m sure that I didn’t categorize a few heroes as tanks that probably should be, but either way… it definitely aint the overall number of 4* and 5* that is lacking:

Just thought we could throw a few statistics into the mix.

* When I categorized heroes into the TC20 list, I did not include any of the 3* heroes, since those are not why one runs TC20. You can find those by clicking the TC13 link.


How come Ares isn’t listed as a tank?

Eep… he should be. He’s on the Tanks page! ::fixes that::

…in fact… I’ma hit up Anchor’s grading sheet and mark any hero marked as an “A” in the Tank column. Well… as long as their defense + health stats allow it to make sense.


The TC20 heroes should be larger in membership size than TC13… You forgot that you can still pull 3* in TC20 too.

Yes, it generally is. That’s why I included the asterisk above.

People just don’t care which 3* come out of TC20… and it would gunk up the search.

Think we need a way to have 4* and/or 5* boost 3* hero stats in a formation. New heros be cool, but it’s hard to get newer ones as it is, especially if someone F2P. 300 days and I’m basically running with all basic heros and a few better skilled Atlantans. Majority of my teams have 3* fillers because of awesome skills, but are really obsolete based on stats vs stronger heros, titans and monsters.

Of course.

True that people won’t care what 3* might come out of TC20s, but for informational purposes and fact that they are in there, and for first time players, who references the wiki when they play, and are surprised to find Gunnar popping out of their TC20. It’s probably best to include them there too. Just my opinion.

While you’re right that 1* and 2* are under-represented, all that adding new ones is going to do is spice up the experience of clicking on feeder heroes.

When 1* and 2* really matter, you’re so new to the game that the lack of variety doesn’t matter much. After that, you’re not using those heroes.


Poor Aife must have been demoted back to a recruit.


I strongly believe that we need new additional standard heroes that can be obtained via TC.
Of the 43 4* heroes you mention, only 22 can be collected from TC.
Of the 64 5* heroes you mention, only 20 can be collected from TC.

So these standard heroes are the only heroes people that are F2P can actually count on getting, although it might take a very long time to acquire them. Of course, it is possible for F2P players to pull a seasonal hero by way of a EHT or perhaps an earlier HOTM or Season 2 4* or 5* hero using Atlantis coins. Maybe even an Event hero, after hoarding gems. But we all know the odds.

But the odds aren’t even the greatest problem, in my opinion (please, don’t start a lynchmob). The bigger problem is that all the new HOTMs and Event heroes are usually so much stronger than our standard heroes - faster mana, new special skills - and several of the older standard heroes - such as Thorne-in-my-side (thanks, @LadySuzanne) are so ‘under-developed’, which creates a growing imbalance in the game. This needs to be adressed. It has been a long time since new standard heroes were introduced - more than a year.

I am also afraid that the new classes, which will be introduced shortly, will make this imbalance even greater.


Well said. That makes sense.

Personally, I would love to see a few (not all, but maybe… half?) of the Season 2 heroes in the mix.

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Just hope if this happens, we would see additional tc levels and not further pollute the odds of current ones


By the time a new player gets to TC20… Would probably not be a new player anymore, would know what to expect :grin:

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Understandably so, but then again, if there is one thing I’ve learned is that to “never” make assumptions of what people know/don’t know/should know, regardless of their experiences. Players come from all walks of life, some prefer to try to figure things out on their own without any help, some prefer to take baby steps and check everything along the way, some prefer to be told what to do because they are afraid of making mistakes or perceived mistakes, and some likes to do their own research without the aid or influence of others.

So yeah, we would hope it is common sense for players who advanced to TC20 already know what to expect from the pulls there, but the thing is, you just might never know. For the sake of an information source, such as Wikipedia or Wikia, my philosophy has always been be as thorough and complete as possible.

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Agreed, comprehensive info is needed, moreso for fresh and new players.
But in the context, certainly not for players who have achieved TC20, a feat that is not less than 4-5months of porposeful active game play.

One uses 1* and 2* heroes for, what, two weeks? After that they’re just feeders. No need for SGG to expend any dev resources on new feeders.


There is some licensed content that might be appropriate to the primary use of 1* and 2* though:


Gormek could totally go for some fries and a shake.


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