Add more Fonts/encoding to user name


Iā€™d like to use som speciall font in the user name, but the game does not handle it. Can you add mor fonts or whatever that is that limits the usage of speciall caracters?

example: š”…š”²š”° š”š”žš”µ

Thanks :slight_smile:


Just linking this related thread where someone asked about this: Improper Account Name

And this related request: Are there any plans to support emoji and moving to the 21st century?

And an older thread with that same request about Emoji: Emojis in Chat


@zephyr1 i think they already have started to implement more fonts, bcs the name I wanted to use (see post Improper Account Name) somehow works now. First it only showed me something like Posion, bcs the E and the D couldnt be displayed. Works fine now :slight_smile:

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