Add Max Power Preview to Hero Roster

I wish I could view my hero’s max power when I’m trying to decide who to upgrade. Would be pretty cool to flip the switch in my hero roster like you can in the portals.

I would like to be able to press it twice: Click it once = LB1
Click it a second time = LB2


I would prefer if it had 3 buttons. :wink:

First button: Full Emblem
Second button: LB1
Third button: LB2


And with or without costume bonus 1 or 2.


Fourth button: with or without costume bonus. :laughing:

And when you click the class, it should tell you how many emblems you have. Required and available mats too would be a help

I like this idea. Often I have a hero I haven’t leveled, but can’t see what their full power would be. I either have to find them in a portal or find them on the forum.

Museum is a start here, but should be more pokedex like with all of the info we are looking for.

I don’t like that.
To congested in the interaction.

However, can try in museum, as long as the levelling and talent buttons are not together to these proposed buttons

I have 2 thing I would like to see added to the game.

  1. Please give the preview button for viewing possible max stats with double LB (as in the summoning portal) to any hero in your roster. This saves us later to use google for any hero you got and want to see what they look like max stats (and LB).

  2. I start doing maps on hard. Can you please give a color to finished provinces and stages.
    I always have to guess or click one at the time to see where I left off last time.

Not quite what you are asking for, but your player profile does show you where you left off for each season.

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I would love to be able to do this in either the museum, or the roster for all of my heroes, and the idea of 4 toggleable settings for viewing stats would be a very nice to have (but not a requirement necessarily)!

Right now, you can only check out the heroes who you have a costume for:

Inventory → (General) Costumes → “?”
for each hero, and you can still scroll through. Note that for “2nd Costumes” you can only view the costume and the main card via this preview, and then need to checdk the other costume separately

i’m on board for this, gets old looking heroes up all the time…

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Good idea! It would really help with my decision and direction of my family.

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When I pull a hero I take a screenshot of them in the portal so I can refer back to it later on and see the max stats.

Definitely having the option on the hero would be helpful.

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Please vote if you haven’t already. Thanks!

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