Add in a warning feature

Please and thank you include a forewarning for purchases and memory issues
I am new and did not understand that I could purchase more hero space
And I purchased a tournament package of 25 trainers and only had space for 18 heroes

I would have really appreciated if you had a pop up saying ‘hey it seems you don’t have quite enough space, may I suggest purchasing the 5 spots for 50 gems?’

I wouldn’t have felt scammed lol I’d appreciate that opportunity

Thank you

When your hero roster is full, then you can still summon heroes and they land into your roster above the capacity.
As I recall you can also get trainer heroes as reward from chests in the same case.

If I understand you then you bought 25 trainer heroes, but you lost the heroes above your capacity.

If yes, then it seems a bug for me. Maybe you should contact support and


Trainer hero’s still count if you get one from chest if you full. Checking your recent activity could be a issue as 3* stuff is only noted. I’m pretty sure you got them all.

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Yes, even if your roster is full, summons and purchases will add. I purposely collect from training camps to fill roster before I do any summons

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