Add Hunter’s lodge to Forge, New forge should have 30 levels 2 actions simultaneously


We almost forgot alchemy lab, not using any battle item from Hunter’s Lodge, because no space for it. All occupied by other buildings Forge, hero academy, Barracks and alchemy lab.

So add this HL to forge, new levels becomes 30 and provide 2 simultaneous actions.

So we need not convert any building and need not wait while building in process.

Check my titans , we are not at all using harpoons for any titans.

We are not even reach tier1 harpoons. What’s the hell of tier 2 and tier 3.

We don’t have too much time to invest in those ■■■■ like converting buildings. We can wait for some time. But, we can’t set alarm to convert or to forge.

Think and update.

Hunter Lodge needs to lower the price of the items inside it we’ll be more to craft them

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Just take out the need to have a free builder so we can convert between AL, HL, HA and Forge. Should be able to convert at any time after it’s done.

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