Add heroes from Season III as regular Heroes

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we are struggling since years with the same heroes offered by normal summons and training camps.
The chance is over to add Atlantis heroes as “normal” heroes as many may invested money to get them during Atlantis summons.
But now Season III is coming and it would be nice if those new heroes could be a part of the regulars.
Also in my eyes it is essential to give the players a free extension of their roster space in order to store the new 3/4/5 star heroes coming up. The roster capacity was originally designed to store season I heroes only. Now we got 3 seasons!

Thanks for your votes…

throw in free 4 star AM mats on completion of every 8-7 farming attempt, and 5 star heroes from completion of each province of all the maps, and you have my vote.

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Expanding roster capacity is, imho, the best possible way to spend your gems. (Moreover, the roster space already expands gradually as you level up.) I hate spending gems, and even I have expanded my roster to hold 192 heroes, with another 5 spots tempting me right now.

So I’m going to suggest that a free roster capacity expansion is unnecessary.

As to whether season 3 heroes will be added as regular heroes, I suppose it is possible. Maybe there will be some new 5* heroes that are trainable (though I wouldn’t bet on it); certainly there will be new 5* heroes that are not trainable - I suspect new non-trainable heroes probably drive game revenue.


Honestly, I think it is much more likely that SGG will make old heroes (S2 or HotM before the oldest featured in Atlantis) ‘trainable’ than the brand-new shiny heroes, where every month a different 5* will be featured.

But like you I think it is high time that there were new training options, no matter if in the long promised Hero Academy, in an Advanced Training Camp, or in an buffed version of TC20. Through the invention of costumes, even the vanilla 5* heroes we get from there are basically a light version whereas the premium version has to be summoned like any other 5* hero.


SGG be like…

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You destroyed all my hope and dreams in 29 seconds :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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