Add Game Settings for Reduced or Eliminated Graphics/Animations to Conserve Battery Power and Save Time [MASTER]

Fairly simply, I’d be interested in seeing some options during settings that will within the game settings that will conserve battery power, whether it be options to reduce graphice or other options.

I’d appreciate being able to play without having to charge my phone multiple times a day.

Sorry, not worth one of my rare forum votes.

But +10 like/ agree/ love

Many games turn down the animation, special effect resolution, frames per second, etc. in battery saver mode.

Games also use a timer for clearing farm levels or remove all sounds AND animation when auto play.

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Lovely idea! I am all for it!

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[Stub] Interval Autoplay or Saving on energy consumption


Niantic just added battery saver mode to Ingress Prime, so all their games have battery saver mode.


While not a true battery saver mode, interval auto play would conserve battery power without replacing the revenue stream generated from loot tickets and the server balance provided by energy meter.

Interval autoplay

While in Interval autoplay, the following would be different during mob waves ( Boss waves would autoplay as normal):

Invisible board- the game would not animate the board. The board would be replaced by the message “Invisible board- Interval autoplay activated during mob waves”.

Dim the screen- the game would dim the screen to 10% or 20% of the current brightness setting. This would revert to 100% of the current brightness setting during Boss wave.

Frames Per Second- the game would reduce FPS by 50% to 75% during the mob waves.

Hi, All,

I think it would be great to have an option to turn off/skip the animations.

A few times that I personally would use this feature are when I am:

-Low on battery life
-Short on time
-Worrried because my phone is getting warm but I want to run down my energy before I stop
-On an unfamiliar network that may be unstable and I want to finish quickly

I realize that a lot of work goes into these animations but for the reasons I’ve mentioned I would love to be able to have some sort of Low Res Graphic or Quick Mode that I can toggle in the settings. I don’t think it should be the default setting but the option would be very useful if you ask me.

If I missed this feature and it’s already there kindly point the way…

Thank you.

I’m not a techie and have absolutely no idea if something like this is easily done. Having said that, even though I wouldn’t need to use such a feature, I want to support your suggestion.

Anything that helps the hurried, busy members in my alliance be able to quickly accomplish something (anything!) will always get my vote!

Turning off animatuons would be fine with me, but it eould be a huge advanrage in any situation where time is a factor; Titans especially.

That was my thought too. It would be a major change for the Challenge Events too. If they were to enable this sort of thing, I think they’d only do it for the untimed map levels and quests. (And I hope they do!)

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They won’t allow that in Titan or Challenge Event. If it is for grinding, the game have loot ticket.

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Loot tickets have nothing to do with what I’m talking about and a low res option isn’t a time advantage for anyone.

There is an animation delay when enemy using their skill or when our puzzle is moving towards them. Are you proposing that while the animation is turned off, the animation delay shall remain exist? That will negate titan/challenge event’s time argument.

I wouldn’t want or suggest anything that gives any advantage. I would argue that it being available to everyone makes it an advantage to no one, however, that’s neither here nor there.

I would say that I wouldn’t expect a faster option to be accessible in a timed event necessarily but that another sort of delay could be implemented to keep a level playing field.

A Low Res option would have no time advantage and be easier on the hardware as well as being easier to implement. It’s a better option I feel but I’m just throwing out ideas.


I’m older than most of your players. 70+. Totally dislike animation. WASTES TIME. ANNOYING DISTRACTION. WASTES BATTERY LIFE. But, IMHO, I see no reason for it except that it adds flash to the game and some people like flash. I like winning.

I would also love to get rid of it when leveling. For
the same reasoning, previously stated.

I am not advocating totally getting rid of it. Some people obviously like it and they are entitled to watch it.

Had missed this topic. Thanks to 7dd for noting it.

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