Add extra level to rare quests

Pretty simple one. Add an extra level to the rare quests. Further incremental difficulty rise, but loot is one 5* aether of the corresponding colour so morlovia purple etc. For the second loot piece follow crafting item but give hurricane instead of tornado.

For Farholme could give a epic tome of experience instead.

Not sure it is a good idea. 5* aethers look good, but when down to use them, that is 3* aethers that are lacking most. I personally would prefer getting a few 3* aethers than 1 5*.

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Great idea! I like it. Extra level of difficulty for aethers and tomes. :slightly_smiling_face:

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The reason I went for the 5* is to continue the progression from compass etc to 4*mat to ascension item for highest tier.

Also as the aether quest only gives 4 it would allow those who RNG does not shine on to still pick up the missing in order to LB a 5* every 5 weeks. Whereas through general loot the 3* aethers do have a habit of assembling easier.

Why didn’t i think of this lol. Thanks man

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This way you will get almost as many 5* aethers from here as you get from Mirages.
From Mirages you get 4 5* aethers in each colour in 20 weeks, from here you will get 3 of each colour in 21 weeks.
I’m afraid it’s too much not to disturb the “in-game economy”.

I thought it’s a good idea and I have voted for it. However, there was this in the 2022 sneak-preview:

“Another exciting event planned for 2022 is the “Elemental Quest” (working title), which will introduce a unique set of rules and challenge players to use their rosters in fresh new ways!”

It might be that there will be some Aethers here as prize as well. So in this case, I doubt that they would put some more in the rare quests.


We actually need a faster refill time

This is very needed now with the rapid release of heroes. Am additional stage is good to have be it with 3* or 5* aethers as rewards.