Add explicit # for Alby Mana Special

Alby’s special reads, “All allies regenerate a moderate amount of mana over 4 turns.”
Lancelot’s reads, “The caster and nearby allies get +24% mana generation for 4 turns.”

Please adjust Alby’s to match Lancelot’s so we can plan better.

Alberich and Lancelot work very differently.

Alberich actually adds mana to each hero each turn. Lancelot increases the mana received when mana is added by, say, dropping a matched-color tile or using a mana potion.

Consequently it’s a little easier to summarize how Lancelot works: what’s the mana multiplier? Alberich’s metric is deeper into the system because he adds a constant % of total mana to each hero per turn, which isn’t as easily described. But he’s certainly worthwhile!


Thanks @Kerridoc. I hadn’t noticed that nuanced description. So Lancelot’s special is only useful if mana was already being filled? So he would make Alby’s special more effective, for example.

Yep. Example: you pop a red gem, stripping your board of red tiles but charging Lancelot. If you cast Lancelot immediately, but make no red matches, Lancelot won;t have gained any mana from the special (his neighbors might, though, if they;re not red).

And yes, having Lancelot (or Khagan) and Alberich on the same team revs up Alberich’s mana gain. Lacelot/Khagan also play well with Misandra.

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Thanks again. With this understanding, this post can be shut down since I was, unwittingly, asking apples to behave as oranges.

I thought he added X tiles of mana per turn? Is it really X% ? That would help slow mana speed more than very fast.

Assuming one on color tile gives 100 mana;

Alby’s special will give 80 mana per turn. So 320 mana for each allie.

Lance wont give you a set amount of mana each turn, but will rather make that one tile increase by 24%, so 124 mana. This only works if you can match on color tiles though.


Thanks, @TheChef – I couldn’t pull up the numbers.

Im actually working on something regarding mana and mana regeneration, so i had them fresh in mind :wink:


Fully talented Alby gets 4% mana, with troops level 23 another 13%. 17% in total, my math makes him average speed at that point. Am I right on this?

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