Add element link for every old HotM

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I do too, but Finley will love it

What about Finley? He’s not a hotm

Element links count as buffs, which cause Finley to hit more heroes. Heroes like Hel can be nice against Finley because she doesn’t cast an elemental link, so you can use her right before Finley goes off with no risk.

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Ahhh gotchya gotchya! Sorry i was confused. Yes, Finley would indeed love that change!

I don’t think that the emelmental link is something new. Isn’t Gravemaker an old HOTM? :thinking:
I think GM has released in the middle of 2018 but he has elemental link. :thinking:

List of HotM WITHOUT Elemental Links:

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In connection with the arrival of more and more new and strong heroes in the game, I came up with an idea - how about to slightly strengthen the old heroes of the month. That is, to add all the old heroes immunity and the connection of the elements, like the new heroes?

Old HOTMS are less relevant nowadays and a simple change would give them stronger purpose again, and SG more consumers for Tavern of legends.

I am looking at you Musashi, Ares, Hell, Zeline, Thoth Amun, etc,…

Give them elemental links and take my money! :slight_smile:

I don’t have any, but would make sense for those that do

@mhalttu, @KiraSG, @Petri, @EmpiresPuzzles, they really deserve to have Element Link. Would you mind improving them in the future?


Definitely, they are doing weird re-balances for their own good, but are not adding such an obvious update to older Hotms, especially that we have ToL now, this should be an obvious step. This and many more things just let the sudden extra re-balance of Vela and Telly seem more sketchy.

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Perseus needs anything you can give him!


Yeah totally agree being I have athena and zeline haha. But instead of just asking for it anyone got any ideas on what the link could be?
Health mana against special has been done already plus others.

Some ideas I thought of:

Resistance to minion debuffs
+10% attack
Cleanse of 1 random ailment
Reduces damage received by 10%

For innate abilities I’m sure it would be easy to just give them some of the already existing ones.



some on top of my head :

  • boost health by 35 Hp each round for 3 rounds
  • decrease status ailments duration by 1 round
  • increase spell damage by 15%
  • grants healing increase by 20%
  • counters for 15% of damage
  • grants a 10% increase in resisting status ailments
  • increase buff duration by 1 round
  • increase defense rating by 10%
  • increase attack rating by 10%
  • heal for 10 %
  • generate a small amount of mana
    -for 3 rounds, there is 10% chance of cleanse on element members
  • spells apply bleed effect of 5% spell dmg for 3 rounds
  • grants a 10% chance to revive with 10% hp
  • grants a 10% chance next spell in 4 rounds will apply silence effect for 2 rounds



sorry for my english, since “nerf” and “buff” have been made, because no element links have been placed to the first homts that came out as Natalya

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Nice idea.

For example for:

Toth-Amun, Natalya, Perseus, Zeline, Delilah would be great a +10% extra damage for 5 turns vs strong element enemies. (Example Perseus would do 10% more damage to Green and also this increase those héroes against titans too)

For Alberich, Hel, Ares, Athena and Musashi a nice 15% extra evasion for 4 turns Vs specials attacks.

All those also needs the status ailment.

Also for GraveMaker , Gregorian, Arron, Alaska and DrakeFong add the status ailment resist , this defineteky adds more interesting features to old HoTM and attract more people to the Tavern of legends .

Please do this !


Half of the old hotm are still among the best in the game… looking at you hel, Athena, zeline, Delilah, and Alby… they certainly don’t need a buff.

I’d trade my shiny 3rd gen Vela for 1st gen Zeline any day. Not even close.

Adding elemental link to other half wouldn’t be enough. Thoth would still be hot garbage regardless of what elemental link you give him. :stuck_out_tongue:

Give them all 5% minions as a link and maybe Noor is slightly better than she does a at the moment, 1 foot out of the trash can she is stuck in now

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