Add element link for every old HotM

Am I the only one that feel like this isn’t fair that old HotM don’t have element link ? They were as expensive as the new one and they fall behind all the new hotm cause they benefit new feature ( element link / inmate ability ) I think working on just adding element link on old one will make them reborn !

+1 for this idea, it would be great if old hotm were updated with element link and passive resist to keep up with all the new strong heroes being released

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Seems like a great idea.
But should release them slowly.
Maybe every atlantis summon the feature HotM will be updated with element link and/or innate resistance.

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Just a thought…
Classic heroes are getting costumes, perhaps it’s time for older HOTMs to get some updates too either add element links or resist or both.


Great idea :wink: hope they will be released

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It should’ve been done since over a year ago. The fact that it hasn’t is a crime in itself.


This idea is great, it would be a big help.

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Yes, please! This needs to be done.

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Seems to me a cool idea.
Need more votes here.

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There are some amazing old hotms who don’t technically need an elemental link like Zeline, Hel, and Ally but there are also a ton of current elemental link hotms that don’t need one either (too many to name).

Zeline, Musashi, Thoth, Ares, Natalya, Hel, Delilah, Alberich, Athena, and Perseus are all hotms and yet they have not been given an elemental link.

I really think that there should be a round of hero adjustments where the old hotms are given an elemental link just so they can be consistent with the rest of the hotms out there.

Finley likes this post

I do too, but Finley will love it

What about Finley? He’s not a hotm

Element links count as buffs, which cause Finley to hit more heroes. Heroes like Hel can be nice against Finley because she doesn’t cast an elemental link, so you can use her right before Finley goes off with no risk.

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Ahhh gotchya gotchya! Sorry i was confused. Yes, Finley would indeed love that change!

I don’t think that the emelmental link is something new. Isn’t Gravemaker an old HOTM? :thinking:
I think GM has released in the middle of 2018 but he has elemental link. :thinking:

List of HotM WITHOUT Elemental Links:

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In connection with the arrival of more and more new and strong heroes in the game, I came up with an idea - how about to slightly strengthen the old heroes of the month. That is, to add all the old heroes immunity and the connection of the elements, like the new heroes?

Old HOTMS are less relevant nowadays and a simple change would give them stronger purpose again, and SG more consumers for Tavern of legends.

I am looking at you Musashi, Ares, Hell, Zeline, Thoth Amun, etc,…

Give them elemental links and take my money! :slight_smile:

I don’t have any, but would make sense for those that do

@mhalttu, @KiraSG, @Petri, @EmpiresPuzzles, they really deserve to have Element Link. Would you mind improving them in the future?

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