Add Cyclopes or Wizard Troops to Owl Tower

Would it be too much to ask to actually have a chance to use ETTs? As it is Owl Tower (again) it could be nice to add Wizard or Cyclopes to the Troop Summon in this event. Too much to ask?


This idea would get my full support. Any chance to add a vote button and maybe move to the ideas section of the forum?

Just one gamer’s opinion

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Can transfer this thread yo category idea and feature requests? @PlayForFun


Moved it to the Ideas&Feature Requests. Definitely support this as there is no reason to keep them separated at this point with the legendary troops out.


Brilliant idea. And the fact they refuse to let us know if the other towers are ever going to be available is really frustrating. Many long time players like to maximize the materials they have earned, so a lot of us are sitting on our ETTs for the most favorable place to use them.

Please SGG, be upfront with you player base!

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Not sure if they were planning on having “Owl Troops,” which would not surprise me one bit.

I’d have rather they could make all the specialty troops available during any Tower event, and make them available during Legendary Troop Portals.


Especially since legendary troop portal doesn’t allow ETTs

Agree with the suggestion. Would be great to rotate them with each tower.

Would also like to see them added to the legendary portal. That portal is 97% fail without them. Bring it up to 9% by giving a 2% chance for each majic/ninja/styx.

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I would also like to see them back! Only fair to get a good chance to have some decent 4* troops. Pulled for legendary but no such luck.

i’ll say! they’re just sitting there, waiting for a chance to be used

and today when I woke up and saw that I only had 6 available summons instead of my usual 120… oh yeah, the Legendary troop portal that does not accept ETTs is back. ugh!

First time this happened I freaked out!!

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Could be 24 summon, or 20 more

I dont understand why doesn’t SG / Zynga put this idea in action.

It is a win-win scenario for ETTs to be used, and they can sell ETTs for their own sake.

Now they sell ETTs during owl tower, but there is no point to buy because there is no special troop to be offered by ETTs. So their ETTs sell is pointless and they should know

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Or the possibilty to convert etts into the new epic troop coins via alchemy?

I believe that regular troops, particularly the Epic summons, should always be available in the summoning gate, ensuring players have consistent access to these units. During Tower events those other troops should be added. Meanwhile, legendary summons should be reserved for special events, separate from the regular summoning pool. This way, all players have ongoing opportunities to obtain the Epic troops, while legendary summons become more of a distinct and exciting event.

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