Add complimentary alliance roles without power

That would be great. … I also like to have roles like Master, Healer, warrior … something like this
Thank you!

Hi!! May I suggest to add some new charavhters in ally? Now the possibility are Member, Older, co.leader and leader … could you add Master, warrior, … something to inspire our fantasy to let us play with allied roles? Thank you in advaNce :wink:

This is being discussed here.

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Thank you so much!!!

Dear E&P Users

How would you lot feel about another tier in the orgasational structure of an alliance, the addition of another tier.

Currently you have Leader, Co-Leader, Elder and Member. Each alliance will run there alliance differently, Top 100 most are co-leads and thats expected as you are an elite player and deserve it. Other alliances will promote anyone that has a higj personal level. (No matter experience or time in alliance).

Some alliance will promote on merit and commitment to the alliance, this being said a leader and co-leader may not want to promote to many to have a position to kick people as on a bad day people could be booted for no real reason.

My suggestion is the option to promote to a senior member. Meaning it gives you that chance differentiate between longstanding members and newbies to an alliance.

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Let me know your thoughts

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In our alliance, we just make everyone an Elder by default, basically. We don’t use ranks for recognition, really.

As much as anything it’s so we Co-Leaders/Leaders don’t kick someone by accident with the wrong button tap. :laughing:

It hasn’t yet gained much traction, but there’s an old idea post along these lines, and a few others have come up over last couple of years and been merged into it, so there are some variations in the ideas included:

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I had a look for past posts and saw nothing.

Thanks fpr the reply.

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It would be a nice add at a future upgrade to have on more group or change the “elder” role to just a complimentary title.
Another thing that I would find great, funny, and catchy would be to be able to customize the standard titles leader, co-leader etc.
Keeping the functions of each group the same for all (having different colors for each group in common for all), but personalizing the names of them for your alliance. Either choosing from a list or typing a new one yourself as a leader, giving of course some diamonds in exchange…

That would give a taste of the unique style of each alliance… a knight theme with lords and dukes, or a more dark demon theme, maybe a military theme or a more funny hippy theme, a specific video-game or book theme etc…
when I was searching for alliance to join I would have gone with a Tolkien inspired roles theme like Valar and Maiar… my brother with a Naruto ninja genin chunin jounin theme…

And maybe in the market next of it you could have the option of adding extra special complimentary groups or achievement groups with a few more diamonds…

PS: of course I would prefer them to be free, but e&p is a product that like any other product needs to profit… and it would keep people from overusing it…
PS2: I don’t want a personal message system as it would be full everyday from spam join us msgs… maybe if it had a diamond/energy cost, so we would send only to the ones we really need to contact…

What if the ability to boot for elder (and maybe co-leader too) was changed to a request to boot that required confirmation from Alliance leader. Of course then some form of PM would be required to explain the request but then ultimate responsibility for the boot falls to the leader where it should be anyway.

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This makes a lot of sense as there is no way to differentiate a long standing member who is not an elder potential yet vs newbies. Also would be nice to add a new member category like “recruit” or something similar so recruit-member-senior member-elder-colead-leader gives much more depth in alliance management

I like this idea but how about adding to it like if an elder boots a member the leader is prompted and makes the final decision.

I can see pros and cons of a “vote” boot system. Then again, if the Elder or Co-Leader need permission to boot from the Leader, then why give them the power at all?

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Nothing fancy I think there should be more levels to the promotions in the alliance. As of now there is member, elder, co leader and leader. That only give a few tiers to work with!! The alliance members need to have something to work for in the alliance I believe, if there where more levels than It would give a sort if challenge to the players!!

I see it like you, suggested it myself and would like to see it in the game!

After 100 days one could become a longtime member. I also would like a promotion which is not connected with any ability. Just something to say “You’re great” or “We appreciate you”.

I like that Idea. It would also be great if the leaders could give out some kind of rewards to the individuals as they are promoted.

Shouldn’t this be in the ideas forum?

I like it though. I don’t want the responsibility of an Elder, but it would be nice if the new members could see who has been in the alliance for a while.
Maybe a title like executive member

This is the first post I have ever posted. So I actulally thought that’s where I posted it but Iam not sure. My bad I guess

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@zephyr1 should be able to move it

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There we go I think I got it right this time.

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