Add Challenge Coins to Challenge event gem offer?

Apologies as this is my first post of this kind. Would SG consider creating a challenge event purchase similar to the Atlantis Gem plus Atlantis Coin purchase with 200 Gems plus 2 challenge coins for $.99? Seems to be consistent with the concept behind the Atlantis offer. Just saying…

Voted. Since the Atlantis coins can be earned from various rewards, I don’t understand why these coins are rewarded exclusively at events.


My thinking is that those events coins are to promote ftp’s access to event’s summon portal…adding it to items to be purchased again…well…

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I am very happy that f2p get the new coins, however I fail to see why that should affect the value for money aspect for those who are funding the game that people can choose to play for free.

Gem purchase for summons imo has provided access to those funding the game, the access to free challenge event coins is also available to all…now to put some part of it on pay wall again… Seems to be shifting the attempted balance further.

Wouldnt change anything for f2p and spenders can buy the summons with straight gems regardless

The cheap offer including event tokens would just benefit the cheap to pay players

I don’t see it negatively effecting f2p or being highly beneficial to heavier spenders

Closing this as implemented: New Challenge Event Offers Discussion

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