Add Bulgarian Alliance Language/Flag Option

Why should I put a Russian flag in the alliance after the Cyrillic was invented by Bulgarians?


Or because it’s a free option …zname-saten-500x500

Add here!

@zephyr1 @DaveCozy merge?

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Oh wait I’ve seen the Bulgarian flag already… Maybe just stay sharp as it might show up any time.

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You can seen it as pin, not as possible variant of alliance language.


My bad understood it the wrong way!
But anyway I’m pretty sure there is some thread on the forum about that!

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Tnx, man.
And Happy New Year

Good raids to you.

I couldn’t find a thread in #ideas-feature-requests requesting a Bulgarian Alliance flag, though I did find this post about Bulgarian language support:

As well as this one:

…and this post about requesting a flag pin:

I’m going to move this thread to #ideas-feature-requests, and retitle it to “Add Bulgarian Alliance Language/Flag Option.”


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As with all requests for country flags to be added to the shop, I’m here to lend my support. I know how important it was to me to have the option of getting the Canada pin. I’m sure everyone feels the same way about having their own country’s pin, flag, language.

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