Add Buffs to Mica

Mica is so underwhelming now. He needs buff really bad when compared to other ninjas. Mica relates to stones, maybe make him cast sand damage DoT or stone-related DoT to all enemies. As the mana charge increase, the sand damage increases and the damage turns lengthens. Also add small % of attack to all for each charge.

There are so many older heroes that need a buff before Mica
And the list is getting longer
It’s a no from me

20 merge @Dudeious.Maximus

This is the only Ninja I have bro :disappointed:
It’s like having fake butter.
Just stick with 4* Wilbur, cuz he’s better on toast


Just add a reflect damage effect to Mica and he’s good. That’s literally all he needs to be viable. Make the amount reflected vary depending on the charge.


Agree with you… That’s a nice up to him.

First charge: All allies reflect 70% of the damage received for 2 turns.

Second charge: All allies reflect 110% of the damage received for 4 turns.

Third charge: all allies reflect 160% damage received for 5 turns.


Definitely agree that Mica needs a buff. He seems to be the poor cousin relative to the rest of the family particularly with Jade’s new skills.

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please buff him, the new ninjas are insane , hes at the rock bottom

Just add : counter attack all negative status back to enemies and make his special undispellable. Pleaseee :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Like Zhang Fei’s skill? I agree… Reflect status ailments yes, reflect damage nope… Shared damage + reflect damage = bad combo

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Like Furdinand, reflect defense down, elemental defens down, attack down and so on. Of course not damage reflects, just negative status

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Support to buff.
Hioe change from functional to supporting heroes with damage like Jade or healer oike Rhys.

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