Add Born on Date

On the player card, each individual has a lot of information on their experience. One addition that would be fun would be the date they actually started playing the game. Seems like it would be an easy addition and something to “brag” about.

You can already find this info.

Do you want it visible to other players?

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Where can we see it?

You can see your achievements in the support tab (it’s a very short list that has never been expanded)

You can see the date you completed the tutorial.

Or you can check your download history.


For android it is the achievements next to profile, mine is 2/23/19 for example for tutorial completion.


Congrats @Draerius 2 years today playing mine is also today but 2018 making me a 3 year veteran


That assumes you were actually logged in to Google Play Games when you started playing. Mine, for instance, indicates I finished the tutorial in April 2019; I started playing in late February, and would have to do some time arithmetic, but think I may have already been in my current alliance by the April date (i know i joined the alliance in the last couple of days of Springvale that year).

Thank you, congrats to your 3 years!

I switched from Android to IOS and lost my start date. I personally like having that information. Just as a reminder if anything. I can never remember.

This option is not available on iOS devices. I don’t see any way to figure out how long I’ve been playing.

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