Add Ascension Items Tab to shop

After a year’s worth of playing I think both players and game developers would gain from an ascension items tab being added to shop. Players who find themselves one item away from a final Ascension could obtain that item faster. It could also tempt folks into purchasing gems if this feature were added or replaced battle items. I wont spend gems on an item I can craft. However seems percentage rates of certian ascension items are rather low ie compasses fine gloves which are needed by all 4&5* hero have low percentage rates as rewards so I would spend gems for these items. Doesn’t guarantee income from gem purchases since folks who can’t afford to buy gems still can collect gems. However it could help keep players from getting discouraged when waiting on a single item for a final ascension.

This is not a new idea and many other people don’t want that because the possibility to buy AM unlimited leads to a huge mis-match between F2P and P2W players.


Game is supposed to be a grind

If players can just buy their way around the grind and max heros overnight without actually playing the game, then the game loses it’s identity

This game was never supposed to be fast paced. Those that want it to be fast paced should find a different game rather than campaign to screw it up for those of us that like it the way it is.

Probly a little harsh but after debating this subject day in and day out, it saves time to just jump straight to the point and be as blunt as possible


Wow this is dangerous. All the whales will raid to the shop and make us the F2P players will end up dead hopelessly.
The game also dead.

I’m sorry, I can’t vote for this my friend.

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You are so right :skull_and_crossbones:

I do understand that this game is a marathon not a sprint. However when you have 15 4s awaiting final ascension. And enough of items to ascend 12 of them except one item ie. compasses ( which are required by all 4&5s yet never appear in any wanted chests titan loot nor chests) it can be verry frustrating) I currently have enough warm capes, orbs of magic strudy shields trap tools and fine gloves to final ascend 12 heros but no compasses. Not to mention it would appear that all wanted chest rewards have been down graded in the last month as they only contained 2-5 gems and materials that can be easily gained from farming provinces. Sorry just feel items required by so many heros should have a higher drop rate than items that are elemental specific.


You can get a compass every other time Farholme Pass comes up. That’s about every 2 months

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The mat shop option isn’t that bad an idea if it’s implemented correctly in a way that it offers an option without excessive use.

Have 1 of each mat item for sale a month per member. Once bought that item isn’t available again till the following month.

This gives both option without losing control.



I don’t have a problem with grinding in general, but my heroes have been stagnating for 3 months now. Some need 2 special items and of those 6 and 4. The balance between rare and downright unfair is almost reached. If I can’t ascend my heroes, l can’t increase my player level, and worst of all, I can’t help my alliance win wars as much. It’s fun to level up through grinding, to really earn your level, but waiting months for luck to throw you a bone is frustrating. At this time I have 10 heroes waiting, if it were possible to build these items, I could grind my way up, choose which hero to ascend, so much more fun to work at it instead of relying on impossible odds.


Eh this topic is dead to me

Players complaining to speed up the game is what will kill the game

The more players complain about the slow progress of the game, the more offers devs will create to speed up the game

They now offer reduced farming once a month with no cap on w/e refills, and mutliple loot ticket packs in advance

They now let you buy training materials directly during tournaments

They now offer bundles of battle items at a deep discount in the shop

They sell emblems every couple weeks or so

They offer rare mats for purchase on the regular and even have events that cost 150 bucks+ for 1st place

Go on keep feedin their idea wheels, eventually f2p will lose interest. P2w will get tired of paying to keep up with one another. The interest will gradually die, and with that so will the game itself

If your idea of a fun game is spending daily to keep up with competition or being left a mile behind, then by all means write them lengthy letters about how badly you want to spend on anything they offer to help you speed your progress

By the way your mat problem is coming with a building to solve it, but guess what? It costs gems to use it which means it cost money to use it…

If you really think they will increase rare mats into the game without some kind of financial cost to the playerbase, you clearly haven’t been playing very long

Everyone has waited for mats. Nothing unfair about it, it is a viable part of the game and has been since day 1.

Why players act like it’s a brand new thing to wait on mats and must be removed, is beyond me.

Game has been here since 2017, and with that so have players that have already been grinding and waiting. You’ve played a few months. A lot of us didnt max a 5* for the first 5 or 6. It’s really not that bad. Plenty to do during the mat wait…

At some point i think grinding will be completely optional and players will be able to just directly buy progress at will. We’re getting closer every month. Be patient your flood of mats will come, just a matter of what you’re willing to spend to get them.


I agree completely. As frustrating as waiting for mats can be, it would be much worse if they were everywhere. Imagine having every single hero in the game maxed… then what? Everyone would get bored and leave. If you want a quick game that you can complete in a week, buy a console game. I love the slow grind. As frustrating as it is at times!

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Maybe have something like a reset token for materials… The reset gives you back all your ascension mats and the hero resets back to 1/1 (losing all food for progression).

This would allow folks to descend 1 hero in favor of another, yet keep it fair for both P2P and F2P.

Lol a new like today

And speaking of this, does anyone feel this post has became a reality?

Not being able to speed up the game a little bit will keep new players from joining and staying once they realize that end-game is nearly unreachable without deep pockets. Most major games give bumps for new players to catch up to at least a reasonable level and have done so for years. Without it…they die off. So…not speeding up will also eventually kill the game.

I have tracked all offers for several months. If you call 2+ months ‘regular’, I pity your bowels. :smiley: They aren’t consistent or have any kind of schedule that a player can hope or count on.

And guess what, they didn’t. They completely botched that building implementation badly as is the vast consensus. No ability to pick your item, and they completely left out a good 3* AM option as well. No ability to even out frustrating RNG such as 19 shields and 0 hidden blades even when all colors are levelled equally. More scopes than capes, etc…

BTW I’m not voting for this idea either. AMs should not be available unlimited. Just wanted to argue that some of your points are incorrect.

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Post is old

At the time, mats were for purchase at least 2x per month

Once at beginning with a 3 tier deal like you saw around a week ago

And then again during events on saturdays with an “army pack” purchase like you saw last event. Those used to come around like clockwork

Yea alchemy lab is a joke, I’ll give ya that

Also should be noted, we were all new players once and the majority of the “end game” players you see now didnt have as many opportunities for the mats and heroes players do now

2017: titans up to 10*, world map with no reward for completion, raids, then later in the year events(september October November december. Pirates, guardians, pirates, avalon if i recall correctly)

No wars or war chests, no tourneys, no tiered raid chests, no rare titans, only 3 events and they each came at the end of the year with smaller reward tiers than now, not as many guaranteed mat offers, and 99% positive we didnt even have as many rare quests. No atlantis rising, no atlantis heroes, no atlantis chests, no 11/12* titans, etc etc etc

How much of a boost are you wanting?

There is very big difference between gameplay now and then. Be active, spend wisely. Sure f2p will take forever no matter what, but that’s part of being f2p.

Post was only 3 months old. Army packs have been less than once a month for a VERY long time now. Only a couple AMs have been available in quantities higher than one in the last 5 months. I exclude the $99 joke offers, and of course the random gambling offers in the store.

I was more hoping that the alchemy lab might be useful. Or that the occasional items would be reasonable and not in packages I won’t consider.

Whatever helps you sleep at night

I have no mat woes

I totally agree with you. As a matter of fact I was just coming into the forum to suggest this. This game is getting very frustrating as I can’t get the final ascension mats that I need for my main team. I’m tired of fighting with, and leveling my 3* heroes when I have perfectly good 4* that is like to ascend to keep competitive. I’m almost ready to just quit this game tbh.

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Ascension items should be available in the shop. Been waiting for several months to receive rings to no avail. It’s frustrating you work hard to level up your heroes and u able to ascend due to lack of ascension items.

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I have multiple 5*s stuck at 3-70 awaiting the final ascension that require the same ascension items…as the current pace, it will be years before some are upgraded. There needs to be some resolution.