Add another hero instead of hotm after players get first hotm, to not get repetitive hotm

I think pulling duplicated hotm is so annoying then you can let player to have odds to get dublicate hotm (for those who want more than 1 from that hero) or for example one special hero from any season or events with other summons.
It solved one source that add dublicated heros and motivates players to summon more. Thanks.

Hush! SG will hear and we will end up with like 10 tiers of HOTM each month. Just imagine how much you will have to spend then to get the latest and greaest…

This is what soul exchange is for. I don’t mind duplicates anymore.


They could make it where if you have 100 copies of a hero, that hero avoids the inevitable nerph. Just imagine how much the whales would spend for that security!

OR…stop pulling when you already have one hotm…

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How about giving the future HotMs a special path of ascension? Let’s say, pull 10 of the same, you get a fully leveled, 20 for fully emblemed, 30 for LB and leveled? Just for the biggest whales?

Beluga caviar?? Cmon peasant, you know I only partake of White Gold caviar!! And this Dom Perignon is a touch too chilled…

Pardon me, do you happen to have any Grey Poupon?

What there is a problem with too many HOTM?

I pulled too many times for gargoyles and ended up with this sordid mess without one of the gargoyle 5*. I started off with 2 Kara’s. What a drag but a good lesson for me and how not to spend in the future.

But of course!! (Whether I’m sharing it or not is the million dollar question)…

Or just if you pull 10 hotms then i wish to change them for 4* mats for egzample 10 kara for darts :thinking: or for her avatar. That would be nice