Add animation speed to hero grade

Greetings, and happy-whatever-excuse-you-use-for-time-off!

I realize that the topic of special attack animation gripes has been brought up in the past so I’m not here to rehash.

HOWEVER, in lieu of actually getting any changes made from the developer side, can we at least add an asterisk to hero grades to ding those heroes with fancy-shmancy, time-wasting animation flourishes?

This comes up because I’ve been using Zeline and Tarlak and they are two of the worst offenders, especially against titans. Not only are their animations lengthy but they cover the whole frickin’ board, which means I can’t see the tiles changing for future moves!:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Thanks for soap-box… back to crying at the Atlantis gate, like a child at the airport, waiting for his mom to get off a plane that never took off :sob:

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Search for the next move before you fire them…problem solved.

Thanks… solved.
Except when I am fortunate enough to get an avalanche of tiles underneath the fireworks.
I know it’s a very minor gripe.
Thanks for listening:grimacing:

Lol the animations are a bit ridiculous

Even when they’re on defending teams in raids, they annoy me

Zim animation on my attack team doesn’t help either

I figured they would have had a “skip animation” button by now

When I first started playing, the landslide animation freaked me out, when all my 1* n 2* players got covered in granite


Lol holy crap i forgot all about that

Talk about nostalgia

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