Add ALOT more ways f2p players can earn gems

Right now SG has a few ways a player can earn gems, like milestones. I think SG should add tons more milestones to reach ie; Dmg done(to titans, to players, to enemies, by their color) number of times lost. So many different ways. And keep a record book. Number of times completed a certain province and level ie ; 8-7 = 12356 times completed . And one last thing, believe me I know this would be hard but have an employee working for small giant, not a bot, reply to everyone’s ideas saying that small giant has read your suggestion and is taking it under consideration, and kept in the loop.

Gem quests
Elemental chests
Mystic vision
Level up
War wins?
War chest

A f2p player can probably pick up 15 on a slow day.

Do you mean adding more missions?

Yes, I’d love to see more of my stats. Some people would have some crazy numbers to share!


That’s what the Moderators are there for plus devs can’t read every message posted which is why they rely on these guys to iron out and sort out what is and isn’t important to the devs.

Yes. Adding more missions. The odds are not very good for decent loot, which is where it’s supposed to be , and the odds of summoning a 5 star is 1%-1.5%, f2p players can summon how often? So pretty much I’m just saying is get f2p players more opportunity to get gems. Daily missions. Weekly missions.

If your an active player then between the above mentioned options and considering you do them all then as a free player you could collect 300 gems at least once every 2 to 3 weeks or so.
For a free player that seems to be a very fair collection time frame because if you where able to collect 300 gems once a week then this would drastically affect how much members spend overall.

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Add free VIP from inviting friends to that list. :grin:

You are right, without the free VIP I get from invite feature, my gem rate is 800/month.

I’d like to see a difficulty level added to the daily Quests. For example, “Find Crafting Materials” - have 3 levels of difficulty that the player can choose to perform but you can select one to complete. The higher the difficulty gives you different materials (i.e. Dragon Bone)


:+1: I feel a VIP is the greatest best beginner’s value for money in this game. Us it for the first 3 to 6 months which will by then give you a better understanding of the game and then see if your choice to spend more will be worthwhile for you or not.

Doing that will also allow you to spend more wisely as well.

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You you think 1 pull every 2-3 weeks is fair ? With a 1% chance for a 5* that’s fair? That pretty much states that if you don’t spend money you don’t get hero’s, and I mean like rent money, to get hotm. (Even at 1-300gem pull a week at 1% that’s all most 2 years before odds say you get 1 5* hero.)

TC20 is free and have 5% chance of 5* hero. As an F2P, I focus first on 3* heroes (I have 30 maxed). My main focus right now are 4* heroes. I recently got lucky by pulling 2 5* heroes but I am still in no mood to ascend them.

You ask for more ways, I point you to additional level of invite feature and atlantis rise event:

Invite feature before update:
1st invite = 100 + 10×30 = 400 gems
2nd invite = 100 + 10x30 = 400 gems
3rd invite = 100 + 10x30 = 400 gems
Total 1200 gems

In the last update, they add three more:
5th invite = 100 + 20×30 = 700 gems
10th invite = 100 + 30×30 = 1000 gems
20th invite = 100 + 40×30 = 1300 gems
Total = 2900 gems

The second builder will bring you faster to TC20 which allow you to train 5* (5% chance).

The dev also give new atlantis rise event which grant atlantis coin from unique monsters, 1 atlantis coin worth 3.5 gems.

Your request have been granted.


I have been playing now around a year and started out with only a yearly VIP pass on my 2nd month.
I was thinking the same as you back then (read my posts) (I now boil it down to it being beginners egarness to reach top spots to fast) as I literally got stuff all ever and I mean ever and that went on till my 6th month.

From that point I started getting 5* from the free gems I saved playing, epic tokens etc but all free and storing them till a special event came across or the Atlantis summons started.

My first 10 pull was with the first Atlantis and I a whole heap of 3* nothings which were all fed into other 3* of their kind.
But from single pulls I started getting 5*s which then encouraged to to spend a couple of bucks on special deals each month when events came on which offer gems as well as ascension items and other things (Great Deals) IMO.
6 months down the track and I now have around 30 x 5 star hero’s which is more than I can ascend atm which has in turn stopped me from spending till I can at least get some of those leveled.

So basically I have come full circle from free play to spending and now back to free play.

Currently saving all my epic tokens for a specific event to come in a few months.

I also a few allience members who have been with me know for around 5 months and they never spend and yet they have a better selection of 5* hero’s than I have and would like.

My point is the game provides plenty of opportunities for all free players to grow at an reasonable rate and as you grow those chances will grow with you.

Good Luck

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I’m 100% f2p in a year.

The materials drop rate matches the odds of pulling heroes at f2p quite closely. So if you got more 5* then you’d have to up the materials drop rate. And then the whole game dynamic changes.

F2p compete on their wits and hard work. I have been playing for a year and have 7 maxxed 5* and over 20 maxxed 4*.

You also have to take into account tc20, epic tokens and Atlantis summons.

Check out this thread for some inspiring f2p rosters;


Couldn’t agree more. Some quests might be useful in the first weeks of playing but have absolute no value for advanced players (“Find Crafting Mats 1”, “Find Battle Items 1” “Find Iron”) whereas a third (or fourth) tier of the already existing quests could be both really rewarding and also fun to play (as you have to actually play if the difficulty level is sufficient)

This would also be a new way for F2Ps to earn a bit more gems (Find Gems III and IV with considerably more gems as loot).

In my eyes the main problem with the relatively slow accumulation of gems for F2P (and also C2P) is that the more you advance in the game, the smaller the value of gems get. A beginner might be happy with almost any new 3* hero and delighted if a summon grants them a 4* or 5* hero. An advanced player already has most if not all regular 4* heroes and thanks to TC20 quite some 5* heroes. So the chance to get a new hero or one of which a second/third copy is still useful is pretty small. Therefore, I think it’s not wrong to ask for an increase in gems and/or ways to get new useful heroes not once every blue moon.

Oh, and as for the new higher gem tiers :slight_smile:

There are already some threads in the “Ideas & Feature Requests” forum that support the idea of higher tier quests. Have a look at them and maybe you want to add your thoughts :slight_smile: (or vote for them :wink: )

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I think sometimes we forget that these games aren’t built to be charitable gifts to the world of gamers. SG can and should charge whatever they want. This is a business and they have to turn a profit or the game goes away.

If it’s too hard, or takes too long, or whatever the complaint of the day is, there are other games out there.

I personally HATE how rare the ascension mats are. But I still play. If it bothered me enough, I could leave. but it’s part of the game and I’m a big boy so I dont complain.

Given the HOTM probability, there’s no pull that gives worse than about a 2.8% chance of a 5*.

So, it’s good news/bad news situation. The good news is, the average is “only” 36 pulls or so for a 5*. The bad news is, there is no guarantee you’ll get anywhere near the average. The 95% probable point is 105 pulls.

It’s worth pointing out though that there are a number of ways to get Epic Hero Tokens, which significantly increase the speed at which you pull for 5*.

Your saying 36 pulls and odds are in your favor to get 1 5*. F2P get 1 pull every 2-3 weeks , as worked out before, 36x2=72weeks that’s like a year and a half, but odds don’t stack do they? It’s not like you get the accumulation of possibilities, you only have 1% for a 5* and 1.5% for hotm. I’m just asking for more ways to earn gems.

Of course different possible 5* outcomes stack on the same draw.

On a single pull, you have:

  • A 1.5% chance (or better) of getting one of the regular 5* but not the HOTM
  • A 1.2805% chance of getting the HOTM but no other 5*
  • A 0.0156% chance of getting both a regular 5* and a HOTM

That’s just a gnat’s whisker under a 2.8% chance of getting at least one 5* on a pull.

As also stated based on the totally f2p players in my own allience, they staryed to get 5* heros at around 6 months of playing and a year in they have decent 5* teams. Hell they have better 5* heros than I have.

Now take myself ATM who hasn’t put money in for a few months.
Since the last Atlantis ended I have been saving all my pulls for the one whilst only having done a single pull in the knights of avalon (actually gave me a HOTM, WOHOO with a 4* I didn’t have for a change) everything I am saving up.

The following is saved all from game collection.
500 Atlantis coins and still growing, 5 epic tokens, 650 gems (this doesn’t include the 30 a day I get from the VIP) these are only game playing rewards. I choose the Atlantis because it gives me a chance at new heros and only use epic coins for epic summons but I was told ( Can’t remember which one right now) that an season or some event coming up this year which will have brand new heros in it’s summons panel which will allow the use of epic coins for it and most of our allience are saving all our epic coins just for that event.

I figure that by the time the next Atlantis starts I will have something like 12 to 13 pulls between epic and Atlantis all coming from rewards from playing the game. Gees my last coloured chest this week alone gave me 30 gems, mystic mission alone gives 3 to 10 gems daily. Other than farming matches I don’t think there’s any rewards that doesn’t give a few coins most times between titan, AW, daily event challenges, mystic Mission and monster chests etc etc.

Not sure how long you been playing? but if your spending your gems as they come along then it is only normal you feel like there isn’t much around, save them, choose an event goal to accumulate and work towards, you will appreciate it more.

@yelnats_24 has given you great gem earning options as well.

Save Save Save and Enjoy