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Ok, so we just got slaughtered in AW after the half way point with double the score. In the last twelve hours, our 1400+ lead was squashed with the opposition winning at 4000+. One player had 4100tp and scored 610 points back to back. Only way so this is if his entire roster was 3500tp+. Our highest playee only has a tp of 3700. During results, they took the top 4 spot with the lowest member at 3500tp+.

Right now we can only speculate what the top 30 score of heros is. So proposal

Under trophy, titan, war score add alliance “opt-in” top 30 hero total to number. Since game keeps track anyway, should be easy to add and display even if the number changes hourly.

Would think be cool also add the alliances total tp strength number.

I’m fairly certain that the War’s are balanced by the strength of the sum total of you’re everyones top 30 anyway.

Having said that - I like the idea of seeing the combined strength of my alliances War TP - just so we can Flex :muscle::facepunch:

And also it would at least get people comfortable with the fact that the teams are even in depth.

It definitely would give is more data. Say take optin to add to war score/divided by number of war players for a generic matchmaking score? Lol

What is the oldest joining date in that alliance? I wanna know exactly when was created. If you please…

@Scarecrow sc

I’m the founder of the Exiled at 548days. Were mostly F2P with some cash spending… my top tp if I put my best heros forward is 3600ish I think. But they vary. The alliance takes in new players all the time. Highest level is 35ish.

Nice. But I asked “that alliance”, so not your alliance. So look at every opponent and see the oldest joining date. When you will tell me, I will explain you why :slight_smile:

And this is how we know matchmaking is friggin broken! Lol

Ok 45days!

Tp 93912

Vs us…

TP 92556

It’s obvious they have waaaaay more powerful heros! Ugh


See what I said here about reseting the alliance score. Your opponents either did this or is just a new alliance, formed for the first time (but hard to believe). I explained at this topic why sometimes an alliance is ridiculously weaker than the other.

TP difference is about 1400, not much, would I say…we had 1300 this war, that averages per player to 55. We won with over 600 points more, they tried their best, but were very uncoordinated, we flipped them 2 times (first time ever 2 times). That was great :smiley:

We have almost every war the lower TP with an average about 50…highest was about 5000 overall and 250 average, that war we lost.

For the idea: I keep track with Excel, because I don’t want only the overall TP, but also the single opponents…would be a nice addition, but no must have for me. An API to export these single values and the scores of each alliance members and their remaining flags would be nicer :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a bit of a mixed opinion on this feature. I will first report my pros as I see them, but then the potential cons I see as well. As an opening caveat I will emphasize that everything in this post is opinion.

For a TLDR version please scroll to the end of the post where I will try to summarize quickly.

First the pros. Having this available will give people a better idea of what teams by TP they are being potentially beaten by, this can allow people a better appreciation for the strength of their defense team. Ultimately this would allow people to try to refine their war team with better data in mind.

Pro B. This will allow people to see a sort of glimpse into the depth of the opposite alliance, but may not telegraph each and every hero they have.

Cons, (Apologies if this runs long)

Cons to pro A. There will likely be lots of questions such as, "How did a team of 2,— power beat my team of 35-- power. Especially from newer players who might not be as aware of tactics such as color stacking or using tank counter strategies.
The other potential con is players who don’t understand the randomness factor may try to make another… unfortunate mistake… in arguing that clearly player x or player y must clearly have better boards. As a notice many of us know and accept that sometimes luck is a factor, but we also know that good strategy can and will counter luck more than 98% of the time. I believe Senneca once said luck is where preparation meets opportunity, In English we make our own luck, but many players seem to have conspiracy theories abound that might be fueled and make the forum less pleasant to visit seeing all the new "War stats, what the ‘Devil’ type of threads complaining about luck etc.

Cons B Teams of 3500 to can consist of heroes with virtually no emblems or can be seen with a team that has one well embalmed 5* and a few 4*. Shortly put these team powers do not truly reflect team capability and showing that a player has teams capable of scratching 3700, but usually attacks with average to of say 3200 and still wins might result in more complaints of a similar nature.

Cons C There is no pro to this some people may wish to keep their rosters private and not have it become known what they choose or don’t choose to spend.

Con D Those who are really enthusiastic about data collection will want specifics that border on invasion of in game privacy. For example if someone doesn’t want people to know what teams they have they might simply choose not to make pre created teams. All fights, both raids and war are situational and if someone chooses to not use their most powerful teams this might bleed into problems already mentioned in con A.

TLDR: A feature summarizing someone’s war team power may be acceptable if it is not able to pry too deep into specific heroes. Handled correctly it can become a great tool that can help people get better at the game. Handled incorrectly it can be a disaster and needs to be considered gingerly before implementing it.

As a final note I cannot vote for this festure, but I don’t think I would be too annoyed if SG ultimately chose to implement a non-revealing version of it that still allows hero combinations to remain hidden.

Good luck and enjoy the game everyone.

@Averagejoe a those are some good points. However what I propose is a combined total, not individual. Say your war optin tp was 125,000, there be no way to know what exact heros a single player has besides the displayed raid defense team. You can guess all you want. If you viewed a team and the alliance tp was 1,250,000 it still wouldnt tell you what hero or troops they were using. Let’s say another team with less ATP then the one figured above was higher ranked. Would indicate more or better strategies, participation or greater luck possibly. Players come and go. Maybe a bunch powerful players jumped alliances.

What it will do, war help you decide strategies and yes start discussions on losses as well. Alliance wise, leaders will try compete have the most powerful members enlisted.

If players want individual combined hero tp, that’s another discussion.

No mater what course is taken, there will always be negative posts. Mist will be ignored as usual lol


Thank you for your clarification of what you actually want as the OP. I don’t have any issue with this as stipulated, but I wanted to make sure it wasn’t planned to go any further. As long as it only gives a cumulative power for the alliance and can update from there in reasonable fashion I think I can see this working better.

This still does not necessarily halt all of the potential concerns, but does clear up some of the more glaring problems in my opinion.

Thanks again for your response.

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