Add alliance member count to matching AW

Based on forums and changes to titan score for matching, it would be great if AW could be matched on alliance member amount as a secondary factor. Maybe make it plus/minus one or two.

A few members times six for flags can make a large difference


Bumping this thread, flag count is most important factor in a match up. You need flags to score points. Flag mismatches are the most important factor and obviously not accounted for in current match system.


It also needs to account for those who are members but don’t qualify for alliance wars, especially those who are too low a level to participate, even though they are helping to kill titans and boost the alliance score.


I say let all alliance member participate in war even if level 5, doesn’t hurt anything

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Member count is a factor, to be sure, but more than this, what they need to do (if they’re not going to account for combined heroes’ overall combat power) is to give alliances a score based on their past wins and margins of victory.

Give everyone a titan score, a trophy score, and a war score. The combined score could determine the overall leaderboard (and it’d be nice if we could toggle between the other various leaders), and the war score would be heavily weighted in determining future matchups.


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