Add Alliance Leaderboard for Challenge Events — Show Alliance Member Rankings, Points, Scores for Events [MASTER]

Have an “alliance leaderboard” button in the challenge quests to show scores and relative standings of members of your alliance in the challenges, by tier. It would be great to see how people are doing in relation to other members of their alliance rather than compared to the elite, the levels of which most of us will never reach.


Create a place and reward within the Alliance area where members can see other member points and ranking within the alliance, as well as how their members are doing in the events.
Small rewards within the alliance could further interest team work and friendly competition in the alliance. alliance compilation of event points could be another layer to this for rewards.
Tiers by level may make more equitable.

A member of my alliance came up with this idea, based on the observation that for 99.x% of players, being compared with the best in the world is irrelevant - and country-wide is quite arbitrary plus its relevance heavily dependent on where you are.
However if you could compare yourself with your alliance-mates that could lead to a nice little competition between the members, a bit of banter, and even motivate some advice-giving.

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