Add all coins of all events/gates to drop everywhere

As a player that finished all the seasons and you adding new heroes (and costumes) to old gates I’d expect to see drop of all gates currency everywhere (and not only costume keys and latest season 5)

Currently its trying hard to get coins from the “atlantis rise” kind of thing or pay!
Payment for f2p isn’t an option, AR is fine even though I didn’t get to 1 summon after farming none stop
But other “rise” are pretty bad as you may get emblems, trashy 4* items or even useless iron package

I know it’s hopeless to ask anything here (especially if it doesn’t bring money to the developers) but I’ll try for the last time…

Not entirely sure how you envision it work out. So instead of latest season coin drop, this particular slot is randomised between the released seasons?


Also possible, just make it possible somehow get the currency to summon in older summon gates - especially as they’re adding new heroes and costumes there.

I think my idea is more simple - currently you get random drop of costume chamber keys and latest season summon coin everywhere (ex. chests, war, tournament etc.) - I suggest adding older season coins to drop as well

The problem with that approach, at least the way I indicated, is it would dilute the current coin drop pool. So instead of, eg. 20 S5 coins, the player ends up with, eg. 5 S1 coins, 4 S2 coins, etc. (up to a total of 20); which would make a pull from a specific portal even more remote between pulls.

I am, of course, biased in favour of my proposed approach. :laughing:

This game has crystals. Pretty universal currency for all portals.
They could add to the Alchemist’s Lab the processing of coins into crystals.
But I’m afraid it won’t happen until it becomes profitable. :smirk:

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Let me try to understand this. Some people would prefer more coins that could be used in portals that contain a lot of heroes that are described as now underpowered and badly needing buffs and in exchange, give up earning coins for the portal with the newest, most desirable heroes.

Nope, currently we get only the keys and the coins for S5 in random drop.
I suggest having S2,S3,S4 and S5 coins +keys randomly drop

Maybe you’re not updated but S2,S3 and S4 got costumes which currently you can get only from the “underpowered and badly needing buffs” summon portals…
Recently they even added an OP hero (Xenda) to the old portal - but if you finished the map the only way to get coins is to buy them (I’m not counting endless phone battery drain by trying to farm coins on the map a normal way)

Actually I have been playing for about 4 years and have completed S2, S3 and S4 - both normal and hard. I have very few heroes from those portals as I’m vC2P and haven’t experienced huge amounts of luck. I have 3 S2 5*, one from the S2 portal and 2 from HA10. No 5* at all from S3 and 2 5* from S4.

So given my rather thin holdings in seasonal heroes, I personally prefer all of my coins be for the latest and greatest.

And if you might have both S5 and older season drop? no one said that it’ll replace each other

If they chose to add more coin drops to the game, I’d much prefer those also to be for the latest and greatest.

I stand corrected though. I do have one S3 5*. I forgot that I picked one up in the Fated Summon portal.

This game is definitely overcrowded by now. :grin: