Add Ability to Skip or Pass Turn

Would be nice if you could skip a turn instead of playing your only gem combo option which may kill your last hero alive.

Please add a way to pass the turn. I mean, sometimes there is no reason to do any action rather than pass the turn because any other action would carry out a lesser favourable outcoming. One example? Here you are.

*** EXAMPLE ***

The last enemy will die because it is on fire. I have two option:

  1. kill him spending a special ability that would be much more useful in the next round;

  2. move shields and lose the ability to spend a 5 alignement in the next round.

Unless the ability to pass the turn without doing nothing, any of above is lesser favourable.

Obviously, there other situations in which passing the turn would be better than playing the turn like when the opponents have a “reflecting” ability that would strike back to my heroes. In such case passing the turn could be even more favourable: the opponent will die because it is on fire and my last hero would survive because doing nothing and thus winning the game.

Being able to wait out a timed buff like Riposte, without having to send up any tiles that would both damage you and charge enemy mana… would be a large, dramatic change to the current gameplay.

Such a large change would require a huge amount of rebalancing. :-1:

…in my opinion. :slight_smile:


I hear ya, I hate it when that happens too. You have an awesome lineup and specials ready for the next round but one enemy with a pint of life, but it is what it is … use the super or battle item or make a match .

No serious reason to have a skip feature IMO. Else the game will be too easy …

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Nope. That would be unfair, esp with DOT and timers on buffs/specials.

Not only is it unfair, its never going to happen.


Yer, the last trial was challenging because I didn’t have any monks to dispell Boril.

If I could just sit out four turns, he’d be completely useless.

Kashrek and Aegir would also be made redundant (no Aegir jokes please…)

I expect that there’s all kinds of ways this could be used to manipulate enemy mana gain, prevent healing and make DOT powers over powered.


To be balanced i think this feature could be only used 2 or 3 times per fight.and you cannot skip twice in a row. Also using a skip to be more balanced would charge all hero mana by 1 or 2 tile.

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The opportunity to skip just one single turn for each round, could be an equilibrated compromise. Or, a small chance to gain a skip every K shields or N turns played.

At least one skip for each turn + One skip every N shields played.

This limitation would introduce a reasonable game change without broken completely the current equilibrium of the heroes/games.

Another way to insert this ability is to add it as an item. For example we have the hourglass that warp the time. Something less powerful but which grant few skips for the whole challenge.

I don’t agree with this.
This will unbalance the game dramatically.
Your turn is part of the strategy.

An interesting idea, but like people already mentioned, this would drastically change the current gameplay and make certain heroes essentially useless. So I would have to say no to this idea.

I have a better idea, how about a bar that charge up during fight. Once charged, it gives you opportunity to skip a turn + a little bonus effect.
It’s even more balanced.

The bar would charge each turn
Charge of 10 or 12 turns

If the concern is with unbalancing Raids, then make it an option for Quests and World Levels only. I like the idea, it can be a good strategy for completing difficult levels.

Well, thats nice idea, but if we skip or pass turn, then the enemy should increase mana twice, thats more fair enough to balance.

I have a humble suggestion in battle mode:

It would be useful with the option to pass your turn.
Passing ones turn would mean that you dont take actions current turn,just passing it on to your opponent.

Passing ones turn could be useful when:
-let a dot tick until opponents health reach a desired lvl.
-waiting for a buff to time out.
-waiting for a defuff to time/time out.
-speed up a loss without fleeing.
-more strategically plan your actions.

There are probably more benefits with the ability to pass.

And designwise it could be a button inbetween autofight and flee.
And just like flight option a box asking -are you sure?

Dont get hung up on my crooked english pls.

I’m really not sold on the idea…but your Onatel is hilarious

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Well another benefit would obviously no additional tile-mana for your opponent current turn.

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