Add a Third (3rd) Builder / Allow More Than 2 Builders

when will it be possible to rent a third builder?

I’ve already ran out of things to upgrade with my 2nd?

Perhaps we need new building(lvls) first?


New buildings would be nice. I have buildings to level but I decided to cut ties with the VIP for now.

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of course, and new land to the castle, too, do not interfere, perhaps defensive structures, giving for example a bonus to the defense of the castle, the rampart for example


Maybe to add a disco for the castel people.
They need some thing to do than walk throught walls like ghost spys!

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“Bread and circuses!” It is better to build a coliseum, where the alliance can arrange training battles


I know some our opposed. Having worked ground up! However, as innovation in this world is important , as well as consumer choice. I impose the option itself. One can either opt out of it, or pay the extra $$.

The ideal isn’t to cheat people , not to give the powerful more power as it doesn’t take that direction. Making easy access to 5* hero’s would. Patience is still a necessary step needed even, if you have 3 builders still because it would not change the wait time.

I believe having options rather than sticking with the same ole same ole is nice & at most it’s not a forced choice!

I have finish all the building with only one builder so I don’t have really an opinion about a third one. Now that players have two builder they get the TC20 faster but don’t get faster ascending items. They just can’t ascend the 5* they get quickly. So why not a third builder. 10 bucks per month would be a good income for SG :wink:

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I’m fine with the wait. There are ways to speed it up if you want to pay. This is way better than past games I’ve played with 99,999 day timers and force you to buy speed ups.

Thanks. I thought of it as a innovative ideal, that provides a additional option. People could opt out , or take up on! Having options & choices are nice. Of, course not giving the stronger a advantage over those growing. It would not obsolete the waiting times. So, patience would still be necessary with the time it would take. Since businesses make their living on $. It would be a benefit not just to the business but to the people if desire to take up on it. Additionally other subscriptions & services in the world offer 3 options. Cable , radio services , internet, phone services. So I don’t see a issue with it. Unless somebody feels like a poor sport because that option wasn’t around for themselves, & or don’t have the money.

good time to practice patience. vip wasn’t an option for a lot of veterans. focus on heros, base will be maxed with due time. there are some shortcuts tho

It would be helpful and speed up time if there was a way to get more than 2 active builders at a time just saying

it is one of the mechanics of the game that increases the challenge (however artificially) of gameplay. It’s already possible to buy upgrades with enough money.

Just do that instead.

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Hello everyone! I would like to see a 3rd builder available. So many times I’m stuck waiting and waiting for literally days!!! Because I already have 2 builders building. Maybe you guys can add a “Senior” subscription or something like that! Let me know what y’all think!!! Love you guys, :heart:

This might surprise you…

It’s already been suggested here.

E o idee bună, să poți construi simultan cel puțin 3 clădiri.

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