Add a team taunt for war.. 1 for every 3 flags we get

I think they should add a 1 team taunt per 3 flags. Have an alliance voting system to choose 1 team that the opposition has to clear before being able to move onto other teams. It’ll make things a little more fun and strategic.

It wouldn’t matter in high/average strenght alliances but would destroy small alliances wars

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I have been in small wars recently where we have won wars by a lot of points. Thus I agree with @Radar1

A potentially fun idea though.

Leave the wars alone, they are bad enough as they are especially VF mana/lottery wars. The devs have been trying for 3 years to get wars evenly matched throwing in another grenade will only confuse them and make things worse

For the lower-level players, I could see you getting an enemy that has all 3000 point defenses, plus one 4800+ defense. Then just set the big one with taunt, and automatically win, because the other team are unable to even scratch it. (After several wars, they would get to where this no longer works, but some people would jump at a war chest every 2.5 weeks and just rinse and repeat.)

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