Add a series of weird/silly/fun game missions

All the missions you have are for things I’m going to do sooner or later whether you throw a few gems my way for doing it or not…and perhaps the reminder to do them is a good thing, and it isn’t unbalanced or easily abused. (I did decide once to craft 75 minor healing that I didn’t really need for 3 gems…)

I was chatting about things to do when you are farming and you are bored…like using an all-purple team to farm 7-4 (all purple monsters except for green bosses). Yeah, it is a really stupid idea, that is the whole point! But would be interesting to see if my purple team is strong enough to do it.

…and there really is no good reason to do it at all, unlike all the other missions.

Can we have one series that makes me laugh just reading what they ask me to do to get the gems?

I’m going to give this one a bump and add to it.

I was in PS today and @MantisToboggan suggested i post it here. Why aren’t there new missions? There should be one for maxing your base and getting all buildings to level 20 , first off. Instead of just increasing the number of titans killed and heroes summoned, make them specific enough that they take just as long to accomplish. For example, instead of just killing 500 titans, kill 20 titans of a specific element or rare titans or star level. Instead of just collecting a ridiculous amount of food from farms, collect food from raids. change them up so passive gems are always available for just grinding.

I like the idea of sily ones. There are currently no rewards other than mild amusement for tap shooting geese/bats/cardinals. Add a reward mission for hitting a certain number.

What mission would there be after you max your first 5*? Why not make one for maxing troops or even leveling the barracks? Impliment a reward for expanding a hero’s talent grid.

A lot of the season 2 missions are just replaying old levels until you get a certain quantiy of mob, boss, or level type. Why not do the same for season 1? make us want to go back and play these old levels we never touch any more. I farm 23-11 for XP, and killing the Dark Lord multiple times would be a great mission.

And since gems are not the only reward, why stop at only avatars? why not make pins or backgrounds rewards?

These are all just thoughts i had. I don’t ever want to not have to scroll through my missions.


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