Add a save button

You should consider adding a save button to the heroes section of the game…I got a new phone and when it uploaded my game it didn’t save my edits…if I fight a titan with all one color then when I go to war…or quest…raid I have to change all my heroes for each category…I even have to change my battle items each time.for each event…support say they can’t fix this but if they add a save button in each screen it would solve the problem…I will send this warning to all players if you get a new phone this could change the way you play the game. It’s really mess me up when I’m use to just go into a quest or to fight a titan trying to remember if the page is set up right and it effects my scores too… I don’t know if other players have this problem…pls vote to add this button to the game it will save other players from having to deal with this problem…thx it won’t let me upload a movie so you can see what I mean

If you go under the cogwheel (settings)
And scroll all the way down you will see if you are signed in or not. If you are not signed in, nothing you play will be saved!

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