Add a health bar for mythic titan when the world kills it we all get bonus loot

The titan has unlimited health apparently. Make a huge health bar we have to reach and when it does everyone who participated gets a bonus item or something.

There are loots for levels. The moment you set a maximum hp you run the risk of titan dying before ppl have opportunity to use all flags.

No limit is fairer.


No keep the same rewards but just add a titan death bonus everyone gets. Make it like a few trillion or something rediculous like a rare titan.

Not necessarily. What I’ve seen in other games, when there is a boss character like this, the health is boosted extremely high, but it can be killed if all the players attack over a prolonged period of time. If it dies, it simply respawns and we repeat the process.

There’s no reason why that mechanic can’t be used for the Mythic Titan. Basically, any time you damaged the titan and it dies, you get bonus “kill” loot. If it doesn’t die, no loot.

IMO this would make the Mythic Titan more in-line with what it promised to be: all the players working together to take down a Mythic Titan. As the goal would be to kill the Mythic Titan as many times as possible so that everyone gets some good loot, as an aside from the ranking loot.


I think this mythic titan event is designed to have unlimited health and reward players and alliances that deals the most damage. If it has health and prone to be killed, it may die on that part of the world still awake when the fresh mythic titan flag refreshed on the second day and those on that part of the world still asleep for hours when the flags refreshed won’t be able to hit it anymore, thus suffering from little rewards on the rankings.

I feel they need to see what our max damage by end of event is before they set a health bar. Right now its almost a trillion points hahaha…

I was thinking this too

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