Add a feature to show you your tournament defense grade for each day

Usually you only see your defense grade for the current tournament day only. But each day is calculated and rewarded separately. If I want to know what my defense grade has been on day 1, day 2… I have to calculate it separately regarding the time when I was attacked, but if we are on day 4 e.g. does 2 days ago mean I was attacked on day 1 or on day 2?

Please add a button, where we can see like:
Day 1 - 3 wins / 1 loss - 75% - grade A - 900 points
Day 2 - 0 wins / 2 losses - 0% - grade E - 200 points

Want to bump this one.

You can see every point your attack gave you, but I would like to see every point my defense gave me for each tournament day.

Edit one typo.

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seems like an easy enough fix, and will definitely be useful! voted :slight_smile:


You’ve got my vote bud - makes perfect sense and should be really easy to implement - very simple QOL improvement! Great idea.

This is not the way it is calculated. It is cummulative.

In your above example it is

Day 1 : 3-1 Grade A 900 pts

Now for day 2 the losses are just added…

Day 2 : 3-3 Grade B 650 pts…

With this scoring defensive battles on the first day will count the most.

I’m not sure, maybe you are right. So I misunderstood the wording.

But my request still holds up.

Anyway, I just want to see, how many points I earned from my defense on battle day 1, battle day 2… because each day is rewarded separately. I just want to see the points from day 1 and day 2… and the grade from day 1 and day 2… without doing maths (which I am capable of :wink:)
Since the game does that math, I only ask the game to show me the results. I can review each single attack I have done, why not each single day score my defense scored?

Still no. It is not written there. You misinterpreting it. It is written you “receive a defense score at the end of the battle day” … and this score is based on your overall performance up to this point. It is not written that each day is taken into account sperately. The wording “you receive a defense score 5 times during tournament based on current standings” could have become clearer

Sure. Agreed.

At least you can recalculate it. Look on saturday in your defense history…all attacks 5 days ago have been on monday. You get the score for monday. 4 days ago = tuesday…score for tuesday is all attacks 5 & 4 days ago…and so on. I know it is not very comfortable but it is already there.
Downside: Only the last 30 attacks on defense are displayed. So if you have been attacked more than 30 times a week you can not recalculate it.

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