Add a extra iron + food gem purchase option

Not everybody needs 50% iron or food. I noticed it is 50% or 100%. Having those options is nice! How’ve sometimes a person just needs a small push not a 50% push to achieve a upgrade quicker and or to achieve whatever need. Going the slower longer route to get the smaller amount since it is obvious don’t need the bigger. It would be nice to have the ability to get 25% extra iron/food with gems to skip wait. For those who prefer having patience kudos to you. However having options and since all humans aren’t the same is nice.

You already have this. If you’re short on resources when you try to upgrade something it will let you buy only what you need. The 50 & 100% options are your only choices in the store but not the only way they have given you to increase needed resources.

Maybe so but it still would not hurt to have 3 options. As I said it might not be for everyone but even if it was 1% people that still matters. Consumer choice is important!

Ideally because it connects to all across the grid what’s good for one might not be good for another. All the same the option should still exist. Also, if referring to raids that doesn’t always bold well & go well with some and it is time lengthy. Bottom line compassion and being considerate are plus traits to have as a human.

I really don’t understand why the existing option doesn’t work for you since it allows you to buy only what you need but you have your own reasons and that’s fair. I don’t often need to buy resources but when I do I prefer to only get what I need. I actually like that particular game mechanic but suppose it doesn’t appeal to everyone. Good luck with your suggestion. I hope it pans out for you.

I’m not sure if you’re insinuating that I lack compassion because I didn’t immediately support your idea but I’m going to assume I’m reading too much into that. I’m not referring to raids. It took me time to get accustomed to those because I really prefer games where my hard work is not impinged upon and in raiding generally stick to revenge because I don’t like initiating an attack on someone unprovoked. I was only referring to the one feature I mentioned and left a vote for your request because you don’t feel it’s adequate for your needs and I can respect that.

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