Add a chance to get hero of the month at the daily summon


Please, add a chance of getting the hero of the month at the daily summon. Because the daily summon mean nothing for the players with a team 3-4*.


I guess the hero of the month it was created with the purpose to incentive players to spend more.

Sooooo, i don’t think they suddenly just gave it for free. Nope.


Yes, but I saw a screenshot, where a player collected about 200 daily summon coins - he said, that he don’t want to use it.


That’s a waste too: 200 fodder heroes even if they were all 1* off color is still 30k exp, and even subtracting for the troop rolls should do better than that.


Hero of the month, a super rare 5 Star hero for free…what do you think, who would spend money for the other summons?
Maybe also 4 Star troops for free?