Add a 90 day VIP Option

Currently, the game offers only a 30 day VIP, or the year VIP.

Could a mid-range option, such as a 90 day VIP be added? Based on USD, the current price points are:
30 Day - 4.99 (About $59.88 for 12 months)
365 Day - 49.99 (About $4.17 a month when averaged)

For the 90 Day, I think a Price point that averages about $4.50 a month would be fair. That would calculate to $13.50 for the 90 days, or $54.00 a year - making it less expensive than the Monthly Rate, but it still would cost more than the Yearly rate. The only thing that would change would be the amount of gems, as you’d get 30 gems for 90 days (instead of 30 or 365 for the current plans). The other VIP benefits could remain the same.

If any thang a 6 month would be more profitable for sgg as the 1 year you get 2 months free yeah? So the 6 month you get 1 month free.
iv only bought VIP 4 times 2 on the cheap in about 10 months. My sh is 20 (no rush to get it to 21) all my iron and food storage is lvl 20 all my windmills are 20 my mines I’m working on now 18 and 19 and WT16.
I’ll prob only by again if there a deal again. For me it worked better in stages as I found I didn’t have enough iron or ham for the second building to use for a few days which is a waste :woman_shrugging:
Just my experience

Just to play devils advocate, I don’t buy the yearly pass. It’s just too much of a commitment for me in a mobile game and too much for one purchase. I’d probably feel the same about a 6 month pass. A 3 month pass though, I’d likely consider.

But then I’ve been vip continuous for a while so maybe there is no advantage to try and tempt me. :man_shrugging:

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That was my thought also… 3 months is about the most I’d consider/be tempted by for a mobile game purchase. Anything longer than that is questionable as to whether I’d want to commit for that period of time. It also keeps the cost reasonable as many c2p’s seem to have a limit around $20 a month (based on some FB posts in EnP groups I’ve seen).

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