Add a 2nd summon portal / gate for the costume chamber

I do like the idea of costumes in general. They have made the old heroes more desirable; atleast to me. While the new things they’ve added to the costume chamber is appreciated and does justify the gem increase it was not what many were hoping for when costumes were first put on hold. Not to be over dramatic but when I saw the price for a 10 pull went to 3000 gems my excitement for the feature almost tanked. Paying more gems was not what I was hoping for. My suggestion which some have mentioned before is to please add a 2nd summon portal to the costume chamber. Where it is only the costume and nothing else. A single pull should be around 250 gems and a 10 pull around 2000.

Portal 1 / Gate 1 - Hero, Costume, Ascension Chest, HOTM

Portal 2 / Gate 2 - just the Costume. With the odds of getting certain costumes reverted back to what they were previously.

Until more costumes are added, the thoughts of anything additional IMO are premature. The thought of doing a ten pull for three sets of duplicates does not sit well.


Costumes is still a working progress it’s going to be a long time before all costumes are available on a rotation on heros. For people to choose who they want to pull for.
Opening a second portal just makes each elemental pulls with eht pointless

I guess patience is not a strong trait for you.

Costumes have come back once. Give it some time.

Some are worth it and some are not. I don’t think a 2nd portal would bring anything to the game or SG. I’d personally rather have an event hero or Atlantis hero but I am sure some would spend.

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So are some really against the idea of having options? I’m not saying take away what they have done now. I’m saying add another summon portal along with the current one. Like elemental summon and Epic Hero Summon.

I’ve been playing this game almost from the time it started. So yes, I know about being patient :slight_smile: . This isn’t about being patient to me. Even when they add more costumes I will still feel they need a 2nd portal. I would be much more willing to spend on that portal since it would make my money go further.

But we each have our own opinions and that’s cool. :slight_smile:


We asked for opinion like this on the main trade but nobody dont hear us or dont respond on this.

I see it more that nobody would consider using the elemental portal as if the costume one is available all the time which one would you choose?
SSg a business at the end of day keep things at a arms reach like Atlantis and events keeps it fun and interesting

Maybe you miss read what I wrote. I never said make it available all the time, only at the time costumes are available.

That’s what there doing? During the costume chamber event the portal is open, 3 days I think?

I’m still a little confused. But I think I know where the confusion is at. When I say 2nd portal, I don’t mean have another costume event. I mean at the same time of the current one which seems to be every 3rd Monday. There will be 2 summon portals / gates open.

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Sorry Ok think I got it! A portal just to summon a costume individually not with said hero! But a cheaper price?

Keys/gems for portal 1 which includes hero and costume

Keys/gems for portal 2 which includes costume

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Yes that’s it! lol :slight_smile:

Portal 1 / Gate 1 - Hero, Costume, Ascension Chest, HOTM

Portal 2 / Gate 2 - just the Costume. With the odds of getting certain costumes reverted back to what they were previously.

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Woohoo! Could put that at the start :wink:
Do get your idea not to bad! As if you just want the costume and just want to level that. pull often so hotm isn’t a option as say you get 3 in the month you probably can only level 1 and rest sit there!
Could end up costumes being on hiatus again haha!

I will definitely support the option to summon only costume, at the initial criteria before it was hiatus.
Perhaps the title should have requested for option to summon “costume only”, the same portal but multiple options.

And I am guessing if that consideration would ever be taken, it might go hiatus again.

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Idk if it would have to be an additional portal

Could just add the smaller costs as options in the current one with PLAIN TEXT when a player clicks on it “this option is for costume only with no asc chest or hotm chance, are you sure you wish to continue?”

Whether it gets added or not, I’m fine either way though originally i thought just costumes should be a comparable price to troops


So many people complained about getting just a costume and a costume they didn’t have the hero to put it on. So you would spend less but get a costume and have to do a separate pull for to get the hero. In the end you would spend more. I apologize if I am not reading what you are saying correctly. I like the change they made and will only be getting costumes I have keys for. I won’t spend gems on them regardless of cost. I’m still working on the 3 4* costumes I got last time.

Yeah they increased the areas where people et keys and increased the amount you get when the portal is open with note keys to be earned for plenty of additions. The revamped costume portal will be great once more costumes are available and benefits way more players than the old version.

Generally I can live with thus idea, does but not affect my game straregy. Because you cannot transfer a developed costume to another hero, I do not see a reason to keep a developed costumeless hero and an undeveloped hero with a developed costume.
Therefore if I get a zero-hero with the costume, I already have (developed) without, the hero goes as “food-for-Bane”.

I like this idea @Rigs like a check box system where can check the options you want. The gem price changes given how much you check in. Almost like a tier system in other games.

Well it would fall into the same slot as choosing between a single, 10x, 30x summons in the atlantis portal

At least how i pictured it

Premiumx1 premiumx10
regularx1 regularx10

Just 4 buttons instead of just 2 is how i pictured it in my head but the way you put it would work too

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