Add 5th Slot for Battle Items

Add a fifth slot for taking items into battle.

Don’t agree would make it far too easy.


I’m not sure if there’s any existing thread regarding to this matter, but I hope EnP would consider to add one more battle item slot when fighting advanced level or stage that required maybe around 3000 to 3400 team power and above? Or maybe for fighting titan with 6* and above?

So for normal to medium quest level, players can use 4 slots only. (currently)
And for fighting hard and above quest level, players can use 5 slots to place battle items.

Its all about how you manage your battle items in fights as you learn to manage how to use your heroes.
5 battle items would be great to have but coding this will take time from staff and devs to figure it out, when they would better focus on fixing bugs and improving what already there.
But as an idea … +1

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I’ve talked to many different players and everyone would really like to see a 5th item slot against Titans it would open up so many more possibilities and item Combos and also allow people to bring more items that are typically not used. everyone is willing to pay to have it either as a upfront purchase like how we acquire additional team slots or even having a level above VIP where for a monthly or yearly subscription you can gain an additional slot.

I agree with an extra slot for items it’s really needed in my opinion, but not for paying for it or especially as a monthly or yearly thing. Geez. Just add a slot and be done with it.


I was about to create a new topic on this. Let us give it traction fellas. Let’s be honest, the fun of killing Titans is simply not there, at least not for 10* and above. Everyone on my alliance would pay for an extra slot to attack Titans, simply because the four slots cannot accommodate for any sustainable strategy and it is simply so frustrating.

@ SG, please give us back the pleasure, the enjoyment of facing Titans. As it is, it is simply a grind that one has to endure every day and you can help by charging us an amount of gems to get it there. Trust me when I tell you this, eventually, EVERYONE will buy it.

Thank you for considering this idea. @Petri, any thoughts on this?

5th slot good idea. Paying for it VIP style ABSOLUTELY NOT. It would only wider the gap between those who spend and those who don’t. The good part about this game is that you don’t need to spend you can get anything with time and patience. Such things would ruin the game… buy it with gems, yes. Subscribeing VIP style, definitely not.


Maybe I might be for it if it came with the existing VIP pass and you also had to earn it somehow. (Ex: Once you get every single building to level 20, your additional base builder gets converted into an extra item slot)

I like this idea. I like the idea of a 5th slot for any of the tougher NPC battles. Titans, hard Atlantis levels, hard quests etc

In my opinion, if new battle titans will come to the titan, etc., the creators could think of at least one additional slot for artists that can be taken, for example, for the titan

The game goes forward so an additional slot for artifacts should be added FOR FREE … because 4 places in the fight, for example with titan 10 * and above is definitely not enough …

Good afternoon!
I want to suggest adding a slot for the combat consumables. I think that it is not entirely fair to have 5 heroes for the attack and four combat items. Make an extra slot so that each hero has the opportunity to use the combat slot for the attack.

I think expanding to have 5 combat items would greatly help in game play. Just plain and simply.

Could you describe this in more detail? What do you mean? :slight_smile:

I believe the OP is suggesting adding an additional battle item slot.

Not a bad idea actually, though I suspect it would end up being something we have to pay for if ever implemented.

I don’t see a problem at this point with just 4 slots, but more things are added to take a titan down I don’t have use for them now! But is even adding a another slot worth it? So harpoon sheild mana green pot. Guess a tornado time stop or maybe a banner can help!
Don’t get why people want this to be easier for them all the time?

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I also don’t see the need, 99.9% of the time I don’t use them in battle items anyway other than on stronger titans, stopped crafting months ago. I think my inventory of over 300 roots and mushy’s and the rest of the items would speak for it’s self, lol

It’s about learning to strategize your game play using heroes not making it easier to use bombs etc etc.

This was mostly about new and mid range players who have a lot more going on now than players from 6 months to a year ago.

Good idea sort of, then why do we need to ac our 5*s? Just take bombs and bombs and axes and d bombs and harpoons wouldnt need good heros! :blush: just my thoughts

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