Add 3rd Gold Token and Change Elemental Chest Loot

There are two things that players have been asking for for a long time now:

  1. Add a third rare gold token that can only be used on Elemental/Event summons
  2. Make the three tokens received from elemental chests as ALL gold tokens, chosen randomly

The chests are rare enough as is and I’m sick and tired of being disappointed by three normal (and nearly worthless) tokens. At the very least, increase the odds of better tokens.


I agree with you the low tokens are a joke I just feed the heros I get to my better plwyers

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Havent been receiving epic/gold tokens since the update. But ill observe till the update is completely rolled.

Hope the dev will be able to read your post @SamwiseTheBrave

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For #2, that would only require them to do what they were doing. It used to ALWAYS be this way from my experience and then they nerfed it.

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