Add .30sec to titan time

1.30min doesn’t seem like enough time to actually do any significant damage to the titan. Hear me out. For a smaller alliance, which there are tons of, it is significantly harder to clear titans and reach TL9+ as health and attack drastically increase per each level. Even coordinating and using items only helps very little vs a bad board. Most of us spend a full min trying to clear tiles and by the time you do, 20secs is all thats left to get in a little damage.

Fighting titans is suppose to be a fun group activity, but at some point you start to wonder… why?

At some point you reach the top you can match with your alliance. This means you will need to let go some to keep going.
Increase your roster, or player count is a way to improve your titans you van defeat as an alliance.


Yes… of course more players means more damage. One would have to assume that there is a steady flow of new players to the alliance and that everyone gets favorable boards all the time. Unfortunetly, this is jot the case in either instance.

Would 30secs actually be an issue? Mystic titan timer is longer…

I and a lot of other players may contradict you on that. WIth the right heroes, troops, battle items and boards, one can do massive hits against titans on a consistent basis. Of course, if you lack the right heroes, troops, battle items and boards, you will naturally get a lower score.

Then the solution is obvious. Make the smaller alliance bigger. Recruit players into the alliance. All must mandatorily hit the titan using the right heroes, troops and battle items, some of which may be used to bring out the favorable tiles or generate mana for your heroes or greatly reduce the titan mana, etc. If nothing pans out, then you will have to skip titans of certain levels as it only means the capability of your group already reaches its limitations. Of course, titan flasks could be used, but will only result to the respawning of a much stronger titan. The more flasks you use on consecutive titans, the latter gets a lot stronger, until you deplete your flasks and battle items resulting for your alliance to let go several titans in succession.

Again, battle items can help you on that matter.

Because it is a fun group activity? You answered it yourself. There are always and should be limitations on everything. You can’t expect a small alliance of 10 members regularly battling 5* titans based on the members capabilities to later on duke it out with 14* titans while still being considered as a small alliance, can you?


If they increase the titan timer, they’ll also increase the HP. No freebies there. I’m not sure that would get you what you want. Personally, I’m at the point where taking 5 minutes to hit the titan has become a very grueling chore. I actually left my alliance recently because even 5 minutes (as a requirement) was too much for me, and it was weighing down my enthusiasm for the game. I really don’t want to see them drawn out longer. Somewhere around the 2-year mark, no, I don’t find them fun anymore lol

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More time = more battle items wasted


I have counter offer - no timer needed, battle not will end while your heroes are live :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of us that could just kill the Titans with 1 flag then :joy:

I know with no Timer I could kill a Titan with 1 visit. I suppose it would be fun to see how big a Titan that would be.

But no time limit is not a solution anyone wants

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It (fast kill) applies more for low stars titans, but I more than sure - big amount of players will love this challenge. Too easy? Ok. Buff titan each XXX seconds, weak attack team each XXX seconds, make titans 14+ stars and etc, but don’t limit the player’s time and and let them use their heroes on max

We have mythic titans now for flexing muscles and showing off.

Titans are fine as they are tbh.


One per month with limit of time and immortal. This is absolutely not the same. I don’t like the concept of the mythical titan - it’s like regular titan, but for all and w/o end

A Titan needs a time limit.

For lots of reasons but the main being that Mercs could just turn up and kill it with 1 flag irrespective of the health it had. Meaning that smaller alliances would just get destroyed by it.

Titans are what they are. If you want to go big there’s the Mythic. If you don’t like the Mythic then you don’t need to hit it. I like letting loose and throwing the sink at something. Regular titans are just the bread and butter. Mythics are the tasty once a month jam in the middle.

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We do not need help from any mercs and we beat the titan with our own forces. Also you can - not call any mercs, just set invite only and play calm :slight_smile: Also I do not know any players who can defeat titan with 3KK HP just with 1 hit :slight_smile:

Mythics and regular titan are just the same, but first for all, second for your alliance only (and mercs if you want)

After reading this Titan guide I only need my alliance to reach tl9 for better loot odds. We have 15 mid level players and cant pass tl8 at this time. I cant think of any incentive that would make our alliance any better then another mid level alliance in gathering new players…

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