Add 30 Seconds to Titan Attack Times So We Have 2 Minutes


Any chance we can get an extra 30 seconds ? I realize shortening our wait time helped a bit but I think a solid 2 minutes fighting it would be nice :slight_smile:

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Some of us won’t live that long… :sunglasses:



I’d still like the opportunity to try, even if it’s just an item we can bring in with us to extend.

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I agree. I want to go even further and say that I would love the boss casting animation gone. It feels like forever when you sit with 5 boosted heroes with only seconds left and there’s the long boss animation cast time comes and ruins the last nuke.

5 star heroes animation could be gone as well. It covers the whole screen. Hard for those who have them to see the next move quick since we are fighting againt time and want to attack as fast as possible :smile:

And how come some 5* has animation and some not? Athena has instant cast for example. I love that.



Yes! The animations eat up a bit too much time, more so enemy animations, since we can keep moving while ours are doing their thing. Between the animations timing and health increased I think 2 minute battles would be pretty reasonable :slight_smile: