Adapting to new changes in raiding


So, with the changes to raiding in 1.6, and changes prior (auto attacks from defending team happen more often) I’ve found myself adapting to some new strategies to compensate, and I’m enjoying the results I see.

I’ll make this as brief as I can, as each section could be an entire article.

Change your team. Things change, having a healer is almost (I say almost) mandatory with the changes.

Stop having one of every color in your team, adapt as needed.
“What, but if you don’t have that color it won’t do any damage!”

I know. Let me do some real simple math.

all things considered most hits are neutral, some are weak, some are strong, but most hits are neutral.

So let’s say in a spread of attacks, from each color, we’re doing the following:
Holy: 100 dmg (200 strong, 50 weak)
Dark: 100 dmg (200 strong, 50 weak)
Fire: 100 dmg (200 strong, 50 weak)
Nature: 100 dmg (200 strong, 50 weak)
Ice: 100 dmg (200 strong, 50 weak)

Add em all up, and if you got off a combo, you’d be looking at 500 damage. Now let’s say the opponent has boldtusk in mid. Ok, we’ll bring in two ice heroes, and have no nature hero. IGNORING THE STRONG BONUS and just looking at normal hits, we have:

Holy: 100 dmg (200 strong, 50 weak)
Dark: 100 dmg (200 strong, 50 weak)
Fire: 100 dmg (200 strong, 50 weak)
Nature: 3 dmg (3 strong, 3 weak)
Ice: 200 dmg (400 strong, 100 weak)

That last part is the kicker. With two, maybe three tile attacks, Boldtusk is dead, and your average damage is still the same across the board. But suddenly, blue tiles are killing the board. Even with a weaker blue heroe and 1* troops, these blue tiles are just destroying things they hit. Sure, you’ll get a crappy board now and then, but you get crappy boards regardless of team composition.

Expirement, have fun, and enjoy.

The game will ALWAYS change. If you hero got nerfed, it’s not useless, it’s just different, learn to adapt and move on.

Richiesta info

One typo. Your blue weak should read 100 instead of 10. Just in case some get confused


Just wanted to share a fun raid situation that was a given win pre-patch, that completely destroyed me today haha!

Their team setup was like this:
Heal - Riposte - Wu Kong - Riposte - Fast single damage

Granted I was a bit unlucky with my initial tile combos, but with Wu Kong and Riposte up and all greens (for Caedmon) on the wrong side.

It hurt ALOT having to wait out the Riposte haha!


Waiting on riposte can be painful as they gain abput 75% of mana w/o being hit bubthe time it is done


Thanks for taking the time to post this!

What are your thoughts on defense team composition? I have 1 4* hero of each color, but my only healers are 3* (Hawkmoon and Belith). I’m never sure about how / if to mix in those healers. Thanks!


@sopclod if you’d like to post or list your teams and heroes, I’d be happy to help with team composition and recommendations. However, the answer to that question depends on what other heroes you have, and more importantly, what heroes you like!



4* fully ascended:

Kalile - red - fast - single target damage
Hu Tao - yellow - slow - AOE + blind

4* waiting on final ascension:

Sonya - blue - fast - single target plus debuff enemies
Little John - Green - slow - AOE plus slow enemy’s mana regen
Tiburtus - purple - average - hit 3 enemies and lower defense

3* healers, fully ascended:

Hawkmoon, red, heal only
Belith, green, heal and debuff enemies


I don’t feel Little John has found his place yet, and for the most part, given that Belith is another status cleanser, I would bring her into your team in place of him for now. Hold out for Caedmon, Skittleskull, or even Ishtak (3* lizard, cleave hitter). for an offensive team.

As far as a defense team, you really don’t have to worry about colors as much. I would consider:

Hu Tao mid, Kalile to one side, Tiburtus to the other, and then Sonya an edge and Belith on the other edge. I would also consider swapping Sonya and Tiburtus, but that’s my general recommendation of things.


Thanks for the reply!

My experience with Little John so far is that he isn’t that great, at least while he’s stuck waiting for the last ascension. His stats are too low at this level and his slow mana gen just kind of kills it. Once in a while slowing the opponents ability to generate mana has a noticeable effect, and his AOE is great against weak mobs but that’s about it.

Anyway I’ve been experimenting with Belith and it seems to be at least a small improvement. Obviously she gets taken out sometimes because she’s relatively weak but when I can use her special skill it’s pretty ■■■■ effective. Thanks again!