Adalinda vs Khufu?

I only have one Tome of Tactics for now so who to ascend first (I have enough scopes and rings so the other will happen soon enough)? They will be my first red and blue 5* heroes to be at 4.80.

Right now my blue & red on my core team are Azmia and Ferrant, so either way I’m replacing a counterattacker. I have G Falcon on my red mono Titan team and Grimm on my blue mono team so both are upgrades to current 4* players…thoughts?

khufu is an assasin, hits like a truck

if you don’t have a support hero that gives mana to khufu. better adalinda. if I’m not mistaken Andalinda with average speed. hit 3 hard and def down.

the two heroes are both great.
but I think adalinda will be more widely used in all situations.

khufu is a slow hero, gives a hard hit and he will be better if he is with a hero who gives mana directly / indirectly. if not. he is still a slow hero who needs the fastest board of 10 boards (talent +20 and magic troop lv 29 / styx troop lv 27) to issue his skills. normally maybe 11 - 12 boards (without being supported by the hero providing mana)

Congratz for you buddy. Both of them is great hero.

Poll for you:

  • Adalinda
  • Khufu

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I voted Khufu.