Adalinda - And the mayhem starts

So, they went for the money.
Totally imbalanced hero.

Extreme dmg - def down - fiend - passives

Plobably a party healing ability is missing…

Extrem damage with 753 attack and 395% SS? I am sure they are a few/many that hits way harder than that.


Essentially, she is an upgraded Guan Yu.

395% damage to his 390%

-56% defense drop to his -25% (though his can go higher if the enemy has at least 11 minions)

Fiends vs bypassing minions for damage.

The most concerning part to me is the huge defense drop and the passive.

But since the portal still costs 400 per summon instead of 300 like all the non-season portals (i.e. excluding S2/S3/S4/S5), I am passing on it regardless.


It is with 395% to 3 and where do you think it will end up with talent 20 and LB? In the 900s.

Combine this with the fiend which attack with 45% up to 93%

Combine this with the hunters mark passive

Combine this with the drop to 1 with 10% passive

Combine this with the 56! % defense drop.

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And here comes Treevil 5* equivalent. Good bye fair tournaments or highscores on events. Whoever has more Adalindas wins.

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The passive skills are insane, too.

Isn’t this the preferred MO for Zynga/SGG? It’s always about money.

I really don’t see this as a game changer I should be afraid of and running/ hiding from.

The first passive is 150 over 3 turns. That’s not too bad, 50 per turnisnt much, sure it can increase if it keeps going on the same hero, but if she has fired 3/4 times you have probably lost already.

The second passive is 10% chance to drop special skill direct damage to 1. A +20 rogue has what a 30% chance to avoid all special skill damage? This 10%wont put me off targeting her with hits, sure may get unlucky occasionally, but vast majority of the time it’ll be fine.

Yes she has the potential to hit hard against 3 and a big Def down. Don’t think everyone will be rushing to replace sobeks and c alasies with her, might be a bit at the start with the show off Def look at who I haves. But in the end I don’t see her as massively better than other blues I face I face in raids


Works good with a 3x blue Average hitter. Sobek hits 5x. With that DD, should take out 3. Leaving his passive working on remaining 2.

In attack when you’re stacking, sure she will be great. I don’t take into account use of hero in attack when I consider game changing though as I will never face them in that aspect of the game. If someone uses either a great or a weak hero to kill my defence it doesn’t matter.

I do think though that a c Kirill then Sobek might be just as bad a result for a defence overall as the increased damage will be against 5 as opposed to 3 (plus any hero who has just had a 395%hit followed up by Sobek may already be dead without a 56%def down.


Guan Yu hits harder, because 5% difference between damage of special is nothing and he has 60 more points in attack. Adalinda’s defense down can be easily removed with cleanser or somebody with defense up (that’s why I love Zircon; 5 tiles and he’s ready to negate def down from Morels, Zekenas etc.). Guan Yu’s defense down cannot be removed, so no such luck here. Those fiends could be nasty, but thankfully they don’t have much HP.

Either way I don’t think she’s Game Breaker such as Xnol or Hulda (and even the latter is not such a problem with correct strategy).


Of course if you look the abilities 1 by 1 you can counter them. Usually you would get these from 2 enemies, but all of these coming together from just 1 seems overhweming.

A soon as she hits only 1 time you have cleans the defense down, heal out the fiends, heal the 600-700 dmg she did on your players close to immediately otherwise the fiends will eat you alive and the follow up attacks / even the slash ones will eliminte half of your team.

And this is just 1 hit from 1 hero.