Actual team and what to improve

Hello everyone,

I’m a fairly new player, I’ve been playing for a month or two and decided to invest in the game (I spent a hundred bucks).

Today, my team is Sartana / Magni / Evelyn / Wilbur and Chao.

I want to obviously keep my 3 legendaries because I suppose they are better than the rest, however, with those 3, what would be a good addition to my team ? Any replacement suggestion for Chao and Wilbur ?

I have no healer and that kinda bothers me.

Thank you guys.

Who else do you have in your roster. Post pictures and you’ll get better, tailored advice.

dont sweat not having a healer that’s what revives and potions are for, focus on dps ( damage per second )

Wilbur is one of the best 4* for Titans. You scored on that one.

That being said, he might not be the best for your raid or defense, so build another red, too.

What’s your overall roster?

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You could arrange a defense with 2 greens to gain more benefits out of Evelyn’s special.
If you have just started I bet you didn’t have enough materials for another round of 5* heroes so Id say to add another dispeller as Caedmon to the mix.

If you had someone as Boldtusk you could replace Wilbur with him and use the mighty orc as tank.
If not available then you could replace him with Scarlett, Kelile, Colen or Gormek… really anything could be better than Wilbur if your defense doesn’t have at least a 5-target AoE striker.

Chao is pretty good, another yellow that you could run in your defense could be Li Xiu or Hu Tao (or Justice, a more powerful Hu Tao) in your tank’s spot.

I don’t really have a roster, I just level up all my heroes with the one I get from random pulls and epic pulls. so basically my team is all I have. I’m basically just a big fan of Raids, I love raids this is Pvp and I just love it so I’m trying to have the best team possible for it.

Gotcha. I’d look towards building a roster, because you’re going to want to double up certain colors, etc on raids. Plus, if you ever join an alliance and do the wars you’ll be looking at needing 30 total heroes (six teams of five) to be useful.

Also, let’s say you pull a Mother North, a very, very good 5* green. Well, you also have Evelyn. I am almost positive that you won’t have the 12 Mystic Tonics right now to take them both to full level. So in that case, one will take priority at this point, but that doesn’t mean you should dump the other.

You don’t need another sniper, since you have Sartana and Magni (and Chao).

Vivica (Yellow 5*) would also be a great fit as a healer to take the place of Chao.

For the team you have right now, a healer/buffer would be a good fit. Boldtusk would be ideal because a) he’s awesome, but b) he’d be a Wilbur replacement as a 4* red.

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Hello everybody,
I am a beginner player (a few months) and I would need your opinion on how I should place my heroes in my teams. Thank you!

I would also like you if you can tell me what the order to grow them.
Thank you very much!

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