Actual money spent for c2p and p2p players

I am curious on how much ppl spend on the game and the pay difference between cheap to play and pay to play players.

As a c2p I usually pay for the path of valor ($10) and may spend between $5-15 through out the year to make up the gem gaps I might have for certain portals.

Overall that puts me about $75 usd a year. (6 valors plus 15. (Does that put me as c2p or p2p :face_with_monocle:

What and how do you spend on the game???

Honestly that probably puts you into vc2p.

My feeling is that anyone spending less than $100/month isn’t even close to p2p.

My spending is Valor plus VIP for gems and loot tickets and then probably average $30/month and generally consider myself c2p.

Just my 2 gems worth.


I guess this is subjective but I agree with the above post! In my opinion, if you’re P2P then at a minimum you’d be buying all the deals for every summon each month, so you’d be spending $100+ a month

Well I am in Crew-Jesters so I guess I am a clown.

Here’s the thing though - what I choose to spend is literally none of your business or your concern. I earn a good salary and after I’ve paid the Mortgage, Bills and put savings away what is left is mine to do with as I please. I buy board games, Warhammer, computer games and spend on E&P. Which is absolutely my privilege to do.

So get the chip off your shoulder and let people do whatever they want to. You don’t want to spend, that’s a fine choice. I do want to spend, also a fine choice.

So live and let live or at the very least have a day off…


Thanks for the responses. Purpose of the post was to see what ppl actually spend and what they buy for those willing to share


I spend about 15 a week maybe a little more if I’m feeling lucky lol. But will never push my self to spend more then that. Otherwise I’ll hav to dig into me beer funds and there no way that’s happening lol.


Why so grumpy? It’s a honest question. Plus, you don’t have to answer if it makes you unconfortable in any way.

@Gururch, c2p, p2w are relative. Depends a lot on one’s income. Somebody earning <25 K $ a month, might spend 1k a month and see themselves as c2p. Meanwhile, someone earning 500 $ a month, will comsider 100$ is p2w. Me, myself, I’m clean f2p. I never spent a dime here and I don’t think I ever will. For me it isn’t about the money, I could sink a couple of hundreds each month without noticing it, but I choose not to. Hard to explain why, but in simple words, I love the game, I’d buy it if it were for sale, or even pay a monthly subscription fee, but gambling just ain’t my thing. And in the end, that’s what it comes down to. Gambling. Summoning portals are one way slot machines.


Back when I spent I bought a 25€ Google play card each month.

In the beginning that was enough to buy most deals. Vip, and the 1 challenge event deal that existed back than and an occasional pop up deal, or sometimes I was just saving for seasonal event calendar.

Later most of the time I had to decide between Atlantis and each day challenge event or pop up deals.

In the end when I stopped (around 2 years back) paying there was pov, vip and maybe one or 2 other deals I could afford with 25€.

Now you can’t even pay the most expensive of the different event deals (around 30€ for example last S4, tavern…) with that. Just to buy most deals from events you probably need 100+€ per month.

So back than I would probably have said I was p2p now the same amount would probably be considered c2p or even vc2p.


You made me curious, guys. So I downloaded my Google Takeout logs (I only play on Android) and realized that for the past 3 years I’ve spent 1200€ in the game. That’s ~ 35€ or $40 / month.

I wouldn’t call that a p2p, considering that you basically don’t get anything with the money left after you buy the VIP & PoV.

Regarding my progress. Well, only after 3 years I got my first non-S1 5* hero.

So, yeah. I would say $40 / 35 € per month is not p2p / p2w. I would say this is pay to enjoy the game.


£25-£30 a month Is my e&p budget I may not use it all in one month… I usually save for a event so I could spend £10 one month then £20 the next but spend £50 the next…


Thank you for explaining what normal people do after their salary. Been working and earning a great salary myself for a while so don’t understand the reasoning behind your anger or snark? My feelings towards MONO ONLY players has been the same since i started this game and has never wavered.

Sorry that other players not liking mono players bothers you but at no time do we resort to name calling and explaining normal life scenarios we simply ignore people with such useless advice for us and move on,however you seem to take offense anytime someone speaks up against mono usage in a game featuring five colors and always wanna come in with some sparky comments. I think you are the one who needs to take some medication. And chill if everytime someone speaks against mono usage you are in an uproar. It would seem like u would just stick to your group of players and ignore the ones who don’t share your philosophy yet time and again here you are trying to belittle someone with a different view than yourself. I hope you get to feeling better and not so angry, it’s Christmas time sheesh.

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$50-$100 a month. Sometimes more during Xmas, but not this year. The daily deals aren’t that great for me this year. I do want C. Mother North though.


Summoning portals without a pity timers or way to exchange useless heroes. If the hero academy had been anything like the coin shop in my current game I feel people would view the summon portals vastly differently as in March it will two years since I went no spend in empires but have not had a problem with small occasional purchases in the latter because it doesn’t feel like gambling as i have multiple ways to acquire new heroes


Control man Control. If you don’t like it then just ignore it.
I agree your thoughts but his post is also a valid question.

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I’m cool. It’s just the same nonsense on every post. Spenders are evil blah blah blah.

Record never changes. There’s just a great resentment towards those players who like this and don’t mind spending to play it. I’m not spending nearly what the big spenders do but I don’t care. They can spend whatever they like, this is an entertainment product at the end of the day.

I just dislike the constant finger wagging anyone that plays a certain way or spends money gets from a select few people.

I’m pretty libertarian, do whatever you want. Just don’t tell me I’m doing it wrongly.


I have not said a single thing about people spending. I have no idea what your problem is but I haven’t said anything about anyone but players playing mono only and not being willing to try other methods to win which would benefit them immensely. You just keep trying to pick fights when there is no fight. People can spend whatever they want, I don’t care what someone spends as it’s none of my concern.

If I want to care how the game is making things unfair by spending that has nothing to do with any person and their spending it has to do with the company and how they run their game. Spend whatever makes you happy and do you but back off qith your constant babble as the only person being rude here is you. Not a single person has said anytbing about anytbing you do cause I dont know you nor care too. Yet you hunt every post I put up just to make some nonsensical argument that I have some kind of vendetta against spenders?

If someone is happy spending 10 grand a month to run mono then go right ahead but if you don’t think people are behind their back laughing at them I don’t know what else to tell you.

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Wow… Can we just stick to the topic…
Kinda a simple… if your a c2p or p2p how much yah spend?


I was 100% FTP for the first year, bought VIP for the second, at 3.5 years in now I probably throw between $50-$100 a month at this game between VIP, POV, and offers. Is that CTP? I imagine so based on what others throw at the game, but is also quite a lot to others. In any case, I should probably cut back to just POV to be honest at this point. Too much power creep makes the cycle never ending.


Hey, @Cheds, don’t worry about it, say your mind, that’s what the forum is about. Oppinions will always differ, because gaming experience does, from player to player. If we would all agree all the time about everything, the forum would be a lot less interesting. Keep it up, man!


I have spent around $80 total over … umm … 46 months now. So, around $1.75/mo average. That’s CAD, so at E&P conversion rate is about $1.25 USD.


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