Activity log incomplete

Free daily summons

Showing only 3* and higher


@Ambassador_SVK is correct @_John_Doe. The recent activity only show items 3* and higher

@Ambassador_SVK @PapaHeavy

incomplete = “x” is missing, where “x”=the source of the reward

Received Heroes from "x".

"x"="" > issue.

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Ahhh I see. Sorry didn’t understand the question. That is strange

Just checked mine, at no point is the “source” of the reward missing? So this is new

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Good thing I like maths to understand the X explanation

What the picture shows is RECEIVED HEROES FROM and nothing else (From where?? that’s the question)

What Boolz says is that it should say RECEIVED HEROES FROM FREE DAILY SUMMONS

There is the issue


I noticed that too although reported as enhancement instead of bug


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