Active yet casual alliance with 1 freshly opened spot. Galavant is supportive, friendly and a little odd

We are a quirky bunch usually hitting 8* titans with good success and more and now, 9*s. We have an imaginary virtual wagon we send around to all our members whose primary purpose is to spread cheer. We set our cup requirement at a reasonable 1600, being active and friendly is more important that being a “heavy hitter”. All we ask of our team is to regularly hit the titans and fight in the wars. For a bunch of horrible dragon jokes, read the rest of this thread :slight_smile:

What do you call a dragon that can juggle? Talon-ted!

I have no shame.

-Ackbar Bait

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27 for 27 participation with our last titan. We expect to start seeing 9*s soon and could really use some added muscle!

Do dragon ever have a plan of attack? Nah, they just wing it.

Please join our alliance so I can stop these horrible jokes!

Ackbar Bait

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The thing about dragon jokes is they drag on way to long…Just two spots left :smile:!

Facing our first 9* Titan. 28 for 28 participation on the last beast!

Why do dragons tend to make amazing looking miniature models? Because everything is to scale. If we don’t fill our last two spots soon, these jokes may actually get even worse!

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Down to one final open spot! What did the dragon say when he saw a knight approaching? Mmmm…canned meat!

Did you hear the new Drake album? It’s called I’m going to eat you, wyvern you like it or not! Even the voices in my head groaned at that one. Why don’t dragons eat Paladins? They taste lawful! Still one spot available in our ragtag group of adventures!

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Don’t worry, you will not be exposed to these sorts of “jokes” on our alliance chat. It’s safe to join…mostly.

Oh no…we went backwards today! 2 spots open again!

Back to 1 open spot as we had to unfortunately let someone go for lack of participation :disappointed_relieved:…but that just means I get to tell another joke to bump this thread :+1: …Where do Knights go to learn how to slay dragons? Knight school! Some say that joke is too obvious, personally I think it’s just the right amount of obvious :wink:

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Our quirky bunch continues to advance…though sadly we just had to let a member go, they got a little burned out…but that just means there is a new opening for 1 brave soul to join our rag tag slightly mental group. Speaking of being slightly mental. I recently saw a lizard on my toilet, I think it was a commode-o-dragon. DId you smile? Come on, that’s at least a little better than the last two!


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I just finished reading an odd book about a plucky short ballerina, called the girl with the draggin tutu. It was ok, but it did kinda Dragon in parts. She liked to sleep during the day and hunt Knights. In the end it was an impressive tail. But now it seems we have a new opening in our ranks and are looking for one honorable warrior to join our ranks and we seek to continue to down 8 and 9* titans. We’re getting so close to our first 10*, could you be the one that tips the scales in our favor? I know these puns and jokes are bad, but Im just wingin it. It’s my job to keep it up wyvern I like it or not.

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