Active Warriors recruiting

Active Warriors is looking for a few more members. If you’ve been looking for a friendly alliance where everyone pulls their weight, look no further. We’re 25 right now and kill 13* titans.

All members stay active and hit titans for at least 80k total every day. If opted in to wars all flags must be used. We are running green tanks in wars, so having Telluria, Heimdall or Yunan is a big plus. Having 10+ maxed 5*s is a requirement to be able to field decent war teams, and the most important is that you enjoy teamwork and to progress together. We have veteran and newer players that support each other.

We have Line and FB groups where we share lots of advice and information about the game, and use the in-game featured message to coordinate during wars.

Let me know if you have any questions, here or on Line (ID: max1gus) and I hope to see a few more soon! :slightly_smiling_face:



We got a couple of great new members, but still have room for a couple more. We moved over to green tanks and smashed the war big time. If that sounds like something you’d want to be a part of, check us out! Telluria friends about it. Yunan you want to. It’s heim for a change! :laughing:


If you’re looking for an alliance with great leadership, a solid war plan and active players, then you’ll be very happy with Active Warriors.

Active Warriors has many knowledgable players who are generous in helping you succeed. Come join a group of like-minded players!

War won! All flags used! Great fun for everyone!

Active Warriors is a great alliance for active, strong players looking for a well-run, friendly and helpful alliance.

Space available for players looking for an active alliance with very knowledge, helpful members.

Just a reminder - this is a great alliance for strong players and players looking for help to get stronger!

This is a pretty cool place to hang out and :hammer: :cat2:


I learned more in my first 3 days in this alliance than I did in 6 months playing on my own. The members take the game seriously and have fun playing it together. It’s seriously fun!

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Great group of very active players!

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Still spots open for players looking for a solid war strategy with very engaged leadership.

Contact me on discord at #princess 2902 or line pr55n

We had an awesome green tank war and WE WANT MORE!!! Bring all your Tell / Heim / and Yunan teams and let’s WIN!

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If you’re looking for a lot of communication and fun during the war, Active Warriors is the place to be!

Another war won! And we still have a few places open for friendly active players. Line me if interested: Max1Gus

Super fun and knowledgeable alliance, playing at a high level! A few spots are open for anyone who wants to crush the competition (and learn how to crush even more gooder)

Pretty close war this time but we won it :slight_smile: we would love to have some more active players join the fun!

Another war won! If you want to hang with a friendly and active group of great players look us up! :slight_smile:

We’ve won another couple of wars in a row - the last one with a single point :smiley: Unfortunately we’ve lost some members over the last couple of weeks, and now have room for 11 more. We’re still killing every 10* titan with the strong core of members that we have, and would love to see more join our ranks. If you have a small and strong alliance we can discuss a merge. Line me: Max1Gus

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